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Swear Word Coloring Book Will Help You Stop Swearing And Start Coloring In 2016

29 January 2016

From Bored Panda:

It’s no secret that lately adult coloring books have been taking over bookstores. Most of them are very detailed and sophisticated, even spiritual. But Sarah Bigwood, a 30-year-old artist from UK, known as PixieRah Design, has taken a whole different approach – relaxation by coloring… swear words.

Sarah’s book, called “Sweary Colouring Book,” consists of 20 different swear words . . .  – you can definitely find something suitable for the occasion. And many people already have.

Although the artist planned it to be a less mainstream project, released only in a digital format, the book had attained so much attention, that she had to make a physical version of it

Link to the rest at Bored Panda

PG wonders why you would ever buy ebook version of a coloring book.


16 Comments to “Swear Word Coloring Book Will Help You Stop Swearing And Start Coloring In 2016”

  1. Yeah, good luck making my swearing more colorful.

  2. NSFW I’d guess … 😉

  3. I am trying to wrap my brain around how a book of swears will help you stop swearing.

    You know what helped me stop? Moving out of my father’s house. (He taught me to swear like a sailor.) And consciously deciding to stop.

    PG, I don’t know about the ebook version, but Facebook has a really annoying coloring app so you can put up your digital coloring. I haven’t been able to ban the app yet. Not sure how a friend of mine keeps managing to get them on my page without my being able to ban the app.

  4. In my book of Abandoned Ideas, there was a Game of Thrones coloring book. Unlike the one out there, it would have scenes from the show, like Jaime pushing Bran Stark out the window. Too little time.

  5. I checked out the look inside preview. Some of the words took a little bit of work to figure out what they were…and I’ve honestly never heard somebody call somebody else a “c**klump” before. But hey, there’s bunnies and butterflies and stuff…heh.

    I’ll pass. Not that the coloring book craze has really caught me anyway.

  6. Trying to imagine how a digital coloring book would work. Print out the pages? Move it to a graphics program and add color from there?

  7. Aside from the e-book argument, why would I want to stop swearing? It’s a marvelous stress relief. Science even says so. 😉

  8. There are several “sweary coloring books” in the top 100 of all books on Amazon right now. I can’t believe my f******g eyes.

  9. LOL! Swear words outlined in cute bunnies and teddy bears? I don’t think so. Just no.
    I like coloring book and plan to do one but no swear words, I swear.

  10. &#$%Z@xQ{! Adult Coloring Books! 🙁

    This is one fad I’ll be passing on. No thank you.

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