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The Antiquarian Bookshops of Old London

10 January 2016

From Spitalfields Life:

After I left college and came to London, I rented a small windowless room in a basement off the Portobello Rd and I spent a lot of time trudging the streets. I believed the city was mine and I used to plan my walks of exploration around the capital by visiting all the old bookshops. They were such havens of peace from the clamour of the streets that I wished I could retreat from the world and move into one, setting up a hidden bedroom to sleep between the shelves and read all day in secret.

Frustrated by my pitiful lack of income, it was not long before I began carrying boxes of my textbooks to bookshops in the Charing Cross Rd and swapping them for a few banknotes that would give me a night at the theatre or some other treat. I recall the wrench of guilt when I first sold books off my shelves but I found I was more than compensated by the joy of the experiences that were granted to me in exchange.

. . . .

Once, I opened a two volume copy of Tristram Shandy and realised it was an eighteenth century edition rebound in nineteenth century bindings, which accounted for the low price of eighteen pounds. Yet even this sum was beyond my means at the time. So I took the pair of volumes and concealed them at the back of the shelf hidden behind the other books and vowed to return.

More than six months later, I earned an advance for a piece of writing and – to my delight when I came back – I discovered the books were still there where I had hidden them. No question about the price was raised at the desk and I have those eighteenth century volumes of Tristram Shandy with me today. Copies of a favourite book, rendered more precious by the way I obtained them and now a souvenir of those dusty old secondhand bookshops that were once my landmarks to navigate around the city.

. . . .


Link to the rest at Spitalfields Life and thanks to Christine for the tip.

PG found Spitalfields Life a lovely website. Christine also provided a link to another article about Stationers’ Hall, the birthplace of publishing in London.

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2 Comments to “The Antiquarian Bookshops of Old London”

  1. I used to adore creeping around antiquarian bookstores, but I didn’t do it often. I couldn’t afford anything I wanted.

    Now when I have spare money, I crawl through eBay, and hope no one wants the low-priced book I bid on.

  2. All sorts of magical things happen in those old bookshops. 😀

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