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The Crone

27 January 2016

The crone finds new beauty in age. It’s a loveliness the maiden cannot know. Honor this beauty and it will honor you.

Bill Thomas


4 Comments to “The Crone”

  1. If only he didn’t use words like ‘crone’ and ‘maiden,’ which have connotations as well as a hard and a soft sound, maybe I’d believe he cared.

    Words, people. They make a huge difference.

    • Never mind the connotations; the mere denotation will do it in this case. OED, for instance, gives the meaning of crone as ‘an ugly old woman’ specifically. You can’t talk about the beauty of crones; it’s ruled out by definition. You might as well talk about the grace of a klutz or the whiteness of coal.

  2. Agree. Just a silly statement meant to impress.

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