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The future

12 January 2016

The future is not google-able.

William Gibson


7 Comments to “The future”

  1. The future ain’t what it used to be …
    (I like the Meat Loaf version …)

  2. The future is not google-able. –William Gibson

    I love William Gibson’s works, but what does that mean?

  3. “…yet.”

  4. I thought it was Gibson who said, “The future is not evenly distributed.”

  5. Want the future? Look NOW at what people ten years older than you are doing; that’ll be approximately you in ten years.

    You still have time to change the future, but only if you work hard at it AND are lucky. Just be – and you can already see what that will lead to.

    • In our small town, folks ten years older than me are retired, sitting on their porches, and waiting to die. The handful that aren’t? They play bingo and hang out at the antique market. I’ll pass, thanks.

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