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Welcome to the first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama Office

24 January 2016

From the Spam Bucket:

Welcome to the first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama Office.

Good Day.

I am Mrs. Michelle Obama this is to officially inform you that your overdue payment from West Africa, Benin Republic with total sum of ($20.000.000) twenty million us dollars is currently here in my office in white house Washington DC and the funds will be delivered to you as soon as you get back to this office and comply with the requirement as needed to deliver your total fund to you as well. Your home address and your cell phone numbers is highly needed to complete this delivering to you as well,


15 Comments to “Welcome to the first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama Office”

  1. When I worked on an investigative piece some years back, it was sadder than I thought.

    It appears in parts of Africa [as here and elsewhere] there are truly evil charlatans who go from village to village, selling ‘letters that will bring you great wealth,’ written in English [that the people themselves often cannot read nor understand]. The poor pay money for these ‘letters’ and are instructed to go to/ travel to an often far away school or library and there to email the letter to many –a list is provided of likely scraped off website addys, [at a cost of using the internet middleman.]

    Thus we receive letters telling of terrible unclaimed inheritance in Nigeria, that we are relatives to Ivory Coast chieftains who called our names on their deathbeds and forsook all relatives in their wills, and if only we will deposit $100,000.02 in a bank in the Azores, the rest will be ours.

    The vile take money from the gullible already poorer than poor, which has to have a special place in hell for so doing.

  2. Thanks Obama!

  3. This reminds me, I need to check my bank acct, still waiting for that first big transfer of “many more currency to me” to come through. Any day now!

  4. Rather inarticulate for a Harvard Law grad and former Dean of Student Services at the U of C. However, for all I know, these towers of higher learning admit boneheads.

    Go get your riches, PG!

  5. Maybe it’s me, but there seems to be something vaguely racist about this.

  6. Mine was from Hillary Clinton when she was still Secretary of State.

  7. I got one two years ago from William S. Sessions, head of the FBI during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Apparently he’s back in office (as of two years ago).

    I declined the generous offer to claim funds the FBI was holding after they made certain that the offer was legit.

  8. I got a FB message telling me that my “kinsman” General John Allen was being held hostage in a remote African village and he would be tortured until I sent $100,000. An interesting variation on the Nigerian prince theme, I thought. They must have targeted everybody named Allen on Facebook.

    • First off you ‘never’ reply to one of those things — doing so tells them they found a live account to keep bothering.

      However, if you didn’t care about them bothering that account, the proper answer is: “Kill that B***ard SLOWLY — he owes me a lot of money and I’ll not be throwing good money after bad!” 😉

  9. Did Mrs. Obama mention that she is currently only reachable by dogsled?

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