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WH Smith’s luxury venture takes off at Terminal 5

21 January 2016

From The Bookseller:

W H Smith has opened the first stores of a new-concept bookshop line in airport terminals, targeting more affluent buyers.

TheBookshop by W H Smith opened in Heathrow Terminal 5 before Christmas; another recently opened in Edinburgh Airport. Surrounded by high-end luxury stores in Terminal 5, the company’s new shop features a “luxury book” section selling expensive coffee-table books, as well as a gift book section.

. . . .

“Bringing six of the writers from our current selection to a such a vibrant environment as Heathrow was really exciting. Our objective was to get the writers one step closer to prospective readers by holding an event that celebrates and shares the very best of new writing in a fun and interactive way for both the writers and the travelling public.”

Link to the rest at The Bookseller

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6 Comments to “WH Smith’s luxury venture takes off at Terminal 5”

  1. Yes, offering ‘expensive coffee-table books’ to take with you on a plane makes good sense to me …

  2. It’s smart, they’ll probably do well. You have to get to Heathrow 3 hours before your flight. Sometimes it takes that long to get to your flight, but usually not. So you’re there, captive, for hours, with foreign money burning a hole in your purse and people you forgot to buy gifts for…

  3. Fun fact: the heavy, glossy paper and rich, full-colour inks of coffee table books reads the same on certain scanners as explosive material. Whatever you do, don’t put a glossy paper book, a battery powered vibrator, and a travel alarm clock in the same bag. It gets security excited.

  4. I don’t really get this idea. You only browse before you get on a flight, and while I’m a sucker for coffee table books, the last thing I want before I get on a plane is more heavy stuff.

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