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4 Mindsets That Could Doom Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

26 February 2016

From Digital Book World:

When it comes to the potential for selling a book, not all social media channels are created equal. Some are definitely wired for selling, while others are not. Some contain a variety of commerce tools that naturally lead people toward a sale, and some do not. Add your audience demographics and the culture of each social media channel to the mix, and you have a three-step test for finding out which channels are a fit for selling your books.

. . . .

Sometimes we are tempted to base our social media marketing decisions on factors that have no predictive value for sales. Here are some of the most common marketing mindsets that will fail you when it comes to effectively choosing a channel.

1. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Mindset. If every author is there, then it must be working, right? Maybe, and maybe not. Twitter is the biggest example of this dilemma. Because anyone can buy followers or gain them by other unethical means, scam artists flock to the network promising to sell your books to their hundreds of thousands of followers. But you have no idea if those followers are qualified book buyers.

Authors see their peers and marketers on Twitter broadcasting “buy my book” and think it must work. It is indeed possible to sell books on Twitter, but because the channel doesn’t support a strong buying culture, the sales will not be as impactful as other channels that have an established buying culture.

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3. The Splatter Mindset. Be on every social media channel you have time for. After all, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to sell a book. I always ask these people, “When do you have time to write?” The splatter technique is fueled by two wrong assumptions: my book is for everybody, and the more channels I am on the more people will likely buy my book.

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10 Comments to “4 Mindsets That Could Doom Your Social Media Marketing Efforts”

  1. 5. The ‘so worried about social media that your writing suffers from it’ effect …

  2. My suggestion to new authors, especially self-published, would be that, before plastering promos all over the internet, they read and re-read the opening pages of their book.

    I (and many other people, I’m sure) use the Look Inside the Book feature. When I find a first page that’s confusing, trite, full of back story, poorly edited, or lacking in viewpoint, I stop there.

    • Jacqueline, Do me a favor, please. Read the Look Inside to Heart of Stone. Tell me what you think.

      I shall be obliged.

      • Apologies for butting in but I just read the prelude of your LookInside and liked it enough to buy, then and there. I hope you get more readers doing the same.

      • Antares, if you get rid of the first line of your product description (which really does nothing for you or anyone) – “Heart of Stone description” – you’ll be able to get that nice hooky line of your blurb above the fold. That is, browsing readers won’t have to click “read more: to see it.

        Like this:

        Length: NOVEL — 412 pages; 103,000 words (novel) + 36 pages; 9,000 words (bonus short story) + 5 pages; 1,300 words (excerpt)
        Rating: NC17 for language and sexual content
        “Save her,” his dying lover said. “Show her the world. Promise me. If you ever loved me, promise me this.”

        Butting in with my two cents. 😉

  3. KBoards especially suffers from the copycatting mindset. I knew this for a long time, but I didn’t realize how insidious it was until after I was banned.

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