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Amazon’s Super Bowl Ad

8 February 2016

Since PG is not a huge NFL fan, he just found out about the following:


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9 Comments to “Amazon’s Super Bowl Ad”

  1. Weird. All those mentions of “Alexa” failed to light up my Echo even once.

  2. There was a second ad after the game. Genius. Can’t find it tho.

  3. That was about on par with B&N X-mas ad. (Zips up fire proximity suit.)

  4. According to this there’s some sort of Easter egg in Dan Marino’s voice?


    I also thought I saw something on Twitter about there being an Alec Baldwin one, though I’m not sure what you’re supposed to ask.

  5. [sobs] No Echo for the Brits. Amazon is obviously too patriotic to share with the rest of the world [yeah right, hehehe]

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