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Do people really want bookstores?

8 February 2016

From TeleRead:

Canadian book chain Indigo continues to buck the retail book trend and turn a profit.

But anecdotally, as someone who lives impulse-distance to at least two Indigo stores, I have to wonder if that’s really about the books. The one location boasts an American Girl sub-store, and the other has an impressive stationery section based upon a quarter of a floor’s worth of Moleskine products.

There is definitely a shrinking of retail space for books in our book chain these days! But what I am noticing simultaneously is an interesting little uptick in book shelf space elsewhere. At the art store I regularly visit, the coloring books have slowly been crowding out the space where the sale table used to be. It makes sense, actually. Art stores often keep sample items for customers to try before they buy. This would make them a superior destination over Indigo for the customer who actually wants to buy a coloring book.

. . . .

It has me wondering if in today’s era of information overload, where every interest possible can be well-represented, people even want a ‘book’ store anymore. Maybe they want a kid’s store (which happens to sell books) and an art store (which happens to sell books) and a sports store ;which happens to’ and so on.

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5 Comments to “Do people really want bookstores?”

  1. Heresy!
    The NY publishing establishment was aghast a hundred years ago when department stores would stack cookbooks in the kitchenware section.
    “Books aren’t props!” they screamed. Still, they had no problem taking the money from those sales, which were massive.

    Sometimes bookstore lovers sound more like a cult than anything else.

  2. “Do people really want bookstores?”

    Title is a question, therefore the answer is ‘no’.

    (Some) people like to read, where they get their fix they don’t care. (Some) people like to cook, cook books near the food makes sense. Automotive books a the car goodies store. And then there’s online — where everything’s just a webpage away …

    No, we don’t need bookstores …

  3. Do to some odd circumstances, today I needed four certain books and I needed them right away. I looked on my library website and found two. Got the other two as ebooks.

    While hunting for the books online, thinking about how I could get them today, at no time did it ever occur to me to call my two local independent bookstores.

  4. Do I need a physical bookstore? No.

    Would I like to have a local one? Yes.

    Sometimes, it’s nice to take a break, get out of the house, and go browse for a couple of books.

    Sure, I can likely find what I want cheaper online, and I’m seldom in such a hurry I can’t wait a day or three for physical books to arrive (if physical is the format I want).

    I don’t care about smell, culture, or whatever when it comes to bookstores. It’s all about getting out of the house for an hour or so.

    But I can do that via library too, minus the buying part. 😉

  5. I’m a people, and I really want bookstores. My daughter is people as well, she really wants them.

    So maybe the better question would be “Do enough people really want bookstores to make it worthwhile to own one?”

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