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Egyptian author gets two-year prison term for ‘sexually explicit’ writings

22 February 2016

From CNN:

An Egyptian author has been sentenced to two years in prison for writing “sexually explicit” scenes that were published in a magazine. Novelist Ahmed Naji was found guilty Saturday of violating public modesty for the writings from his novel “Using Life.”

A man had complained that Naji’s writings caused him heart palpitations, sickness and a drop in blood pressure. Prosecutors took the case to court, arguing that Naji’s use of “vulgar” phrases to describe genitals and sexual intercourse constituted a “disease destroying social values.”

“Citizens can’t bring such cases to court without proving a direct and personal link to the action in question,” Mahmoud Othman, one of Naji’s lawyers, told CNN. Instead, prosecutors have been framing their cases as an offense to public morality, he said.

. . . .

 “The continuation of such policies would increase fears that people of different viewpoints and fiction [writers] would be thrown in prison for the mere expression of these opinions in any format,” a number of Egyptian rights organizations said in a joint statement following Naji’s sentence.”

Link to the rest at CNN and thanks to NM for the tip.

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14 Comments to “Egyptian author gets two-year prison term for ‘sexually explicit’ writings”

  1. I can only make this one statement: I am very glad to have been born American. I love my country.

  2. Sounds like an issue for Egyptian citizens. I can’t do anything for them.

  3. This isn’t surprising. Nawal El Saadawi was imprisoned for criticizing the government and writing about women’s sexual health as far back as the 1980’s. I think it’s still too dangerous for her to return to Egypt.

    The sad truth is that in much of the world writing is a dangerous occupation. Only a couple of years ago Mexican cartels were gutting journalists and hanging their bodies off bridges between the US and Mexico. They even attacked people who criticized the cartels on Twitter.

  4. A man had complained that Naji’s writings caused him heart palpitations, sickness and a drop in blood pressure.

    I’m assuming this gentleman has not discovered fanfiction.net or he’d be dead now.

    • lol!

      And I was thinking I wanted to read it to see if I felt any heart palpitations. All in the name of scientific research, of course.

      • Apparently the book the ‘victim’ was reading had no way for the ‘victim’ to close the book and stop reading. Sounds like he was practically assaulted by the book with no way to defend himself. Poor guy.

        • Yeah, this must be like that monster book that Hagrid assigned to the Hogwarts kids, the one that bites you if you touch it. Naji’s book must have had pitbull teeth so powerful that the poor dear couldn’t put it down. I just hate when that happens.

  5. I feel for the people in certain nations. Iran has arrested recently members of underground heavy metal bands [ screaming in arabic kind of sound sort
    of with windmilling rhythms.] and have treated them so severely. But then Taslima Nasreen, poet cannot go back home either; they put out a kill order on her because she wrote about grown men of high birth stoning women to death in a stadium.

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