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HC UK profits tripled in financial year 2014-15

2 February 2016

From The Bookseller:

HarperCollins UK’s profits tripled year-on-year in the 12 months to end June 2015, accounts newly filed at Companies House have revealed.

Revenues were shown to grow by £6.6m to £186m and profit before tax by £8.9m to £13.1m (£4.2m in 2014).

. . . .

HarperCollins attributed the growth to the success of its Children’s and Collins Learning divisions: David Walliams’ Awful Auntie outsold any other title published in 2014, according to the report, with strong sales reported from authors Veronica Roth, John Green and Michael Bond.

. . . .

HarperCollins’ global earnings were down 24% for the first quarter to 30th September 30th 2015 owing to reduced e-book sales, as well as lower sales of its Divergent series in the US.

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5 Comments to “HC UK profits tripled in financial year 2014-15”

  1. I’m no expert on corporate publishing but, if they’re mentioning a single title in explanation of hitting or missing a target, I’d be willing to bet they’re doing it wrong.
    I used to work at Loblaws and margins were very tight. They had to move forty Billion dollars worth of product to make a lousy half Billion in profit but you’d never see language like that in their annual statements. It would be like saying they missed their targets due to lagging sales in organic coffee.
    That blockbuster model…
    Seemed like they did better under the produce model.

    • One title will always outsell all others, even if by one copy. The second half of that sentence, listing three other children’s writers suggests the full sentence may just be a clumsy way of saying how strong children’s sales were. The best selling title of all was a children’s book. I’m more concerned with the performance of Collins Learning being attributed to “‘curriculum change’ in the UK”. That’s not repeatable.

      Revenue increased 3.4%.
      Profits increased 312% from 2.3% to 7%.
      I’d be worried how they achieved those disproportionate profit gains. Cutting staff? Raising prices? Cheaper supplies? Adopting new technology? Not all of those are sustainable over even healthy in the long term. The article also states that News Corp’s 2014 acquisition of HC will be reflected in the 2016 statements.

      If I were a shareholder, there isn’t enough information here to make me cheer, yet. Wait for 2016’s statements.

  2. Smart Debut Author

    HC UK Profits tripled!

    HarperCollins’ global earnings were down 24%… due to reduced e-book sales…

    Bury the lede, much? 😉

  3. “HarperCollins attributed the growth to the success of its Children’s and Collins Learning divisions”
    So they make their real money on the backs of children and students? My school district and public library will be happy for them.

    • All Tradpub has left is to squeeze blood from school systems and college students because readers outside of those systems refuse to let blood for Tradpub fiction.

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