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Rockland self-published cookbook writer on national book tour

17 February 2016

From the Bangor Daily News:

When Malia Dell graduated from college, she got a dream job working in Boston and launched herself wholeheartedly into the young urban lifestyle — complete with eating out for nearly every meal.

That strategy was fun but also expensive, unhealthy and unsustainable in the long run, according to Dell, now 31 and a resident of Rockland.

“I didn’t look that great. I didn’t feel that great. I didn’t have a lot of energy. And why was I exhausted? I was only 24,” she recalled. “I was spending a ridiculous amount of money out each week on food and beverage.”

Dell decided she would start cooking at home to save enough money to fund a long backpacking trip to Spain and soon realized there would be some side benefits to her scheme.

“I immediately felt a shift in my health,” she said. “I started having more energy and sleeping better, and my skin was clear.”

Quickly, the young professional fell in love with cooking and nutrition and eventually dreamed of teaching others what she had learned. After years of writing, testing recipes and learning how to self-publish a cookbook, “ Food That Works: Real Meals to Survive the 9 to 5” came off the presses in mid-October. Ever since, Dell has been on a major push to get the word out about the project she affectionately calls her baby.

. . . .

Dell is at the beginning of a four-month national book tour she funded with a successful campaign on Kickstarter, a website that lets writers, artists, musicians and others get resources and support for their creative projects. She spoke to the Bangor Daily News shortly after giving a presentation at the Cambridge, Massachusetts, office of Google and was still buzzing with the good reception she received there.

“People were really interested in it,” she said. “They really wanted help with the weekly habit of cooking.”

Link to the rest at Bangor Daily News

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2 Comments to “Rockland self-published cookbook writer on national book tour”

  1. Glad for her success, but if I wanna know how to cook something new I go to YouTube.

    • I just go to Jamie Oliver’s website. 🙂 Or google whatever main ingredient I’m trying to cook. I almost never eat out. What I make is usually better than what I can get at a restaurant (except sushi).

      But if I lived in New York I’d probably do take-out a lot.

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