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See how much you’ve spent on Amazon in your lifetime

25 February 2016

From Business Insider:

Ever wonder how much you’ve spent on Amazon over the years?

If you’re feeling brave and want to see the total amount, you’re in luck, there’s a way to check that’s easier than you think.

Using a tool that Amazon provides — but doesn’t advertise — you’re just a few clicks away from seeing how much all those late night orders have really cost you.

Link to the rest at Business Insider

PG says it may be a larger number than you expect to find.


35 Comments to “See how much you’ve spent on Amazon in your lifetime”

  1. I bookmarked the story. I don’t think I can handle seeing that number today… maybe sometime soon. LOL!

  2. I may be curious, but I don’t really want to know.

  3. Barbara Morgenroth

    Whatever the horrendously high number is, it’s lower than futilely searching the entire web for the thing Amazon already has.

    • Yeah, and it doesn’t show what the total would have been it hours wasted driving to the stores, the gas, nor the higher price you would have paid.

      At the bottom of my Sams form there’s a ‘you saved $$$’, I wonder how much more would be on the Amazon one if they played such games? 😉

  4. Just a couple of teensy problems with the report.

    1) It doesn’t go back to 1997 which was my first order. Barbie clothes, not books, in case anyone was wondering.

    2) It doesn’t include my digital purchases, i.e. books, music, videos.

    For physical objects, I spent $1,792.76 since 1999, which includes sales tax. I know I’ve spent WAAAAY more than that on e-books. 😀

    • Interesting. Mine only went back to 2010. Even then, I think I’d cringe if I could see back to 1997.

    • It says it goes back to 1997 — at least the option appears. (It’s still processing my oldest orders.)

      The main problem is that it takes time. I’m processing a few years at a time. I can say that last year I spent $1600+. However sometimes I’ll buy a large item (like a Rode microphone) and then return it and buy a different model. Which means both microphones appear on my report, even though I actually only bought one.

      • I swear, Camille, the selection would only let me go back to 1999. 😆 While DH and I were cleaning out files and shredding old paperwork, we found my old physical receipts from Amazon, and he was teasing me about my first purchase not being books.

      • I’m not sure why but their records are incomplete. I started buying books from them in the mid 90s. But my Amazon account claims I’ve been a customer since 2004. I suspect that they didn’t do a good job of tracking purchases prior to mid 00’s if you changed the email address on your account.

  5. **La la la – not listening!**

    (too much)

  6. Ain’t going there. Don’t wanna know. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss! 🙂

  7. Alas, I’ve been keeping my finances in Quicken for almost two decades, so I know EXACTLY how much I spend at Amazon, tidily broken down into “books” and everything else.

    I just refuse to look. 🙂

  8. So Amazon keeps track of how much I’ve spent over the years? No wonder they keep saying (in their emails to me) that I’m “a good customer”.

  9. Neat! My tally shows everything including the kitchen sink! Yes… the highest price item on my list is a Kohler Cast Iron apron front sink. Amazon truly is the “everything” store. I’m not a bit upset with my hefty total. Most items having saved me $10-20 in driving cost plus a year or so of my life spent waiting in stores.

    • Did you get free shipping on that hunk of iron?

      The best shipping deal I got was free shipping on a 65Lb kettlebell. That’s essentially a solid iron canonball with an iron handle.

      • I’ve gotten free shipping on some heavy objects: a desk chair,exercise chair, a 16 foot wide sturdy area rug. But the heaviest and unwieldiest that had free shipping: a queen-sized foam mattress–94 pounds. I struggled alone with that baby, since it was delivered before hubby got home.

  10. Spent around $6,300 since 2004.

    BUT…I could have spent nearly $14,000 if I paid retail price. LOOK AT THE SAVINGS!

    (faints knowing the amount I spent on digital orders would be staggering…)

  11. I feel discriminated against as they don’t yet offer the option in the UK. I suppose I could run it on Amazon.com but do I really want to know how much I’ve spent on presents for my younger son and his wife over the years?

    I’m not as well organised as Karen but I do have all my credit card payments on the PC so I could add up all the Amazon ones but the results might be too frightening.

    • I feel for you, Mike. I could run the Amazon report on my accounting program for the digital totals, but I’m scared to! 😀

    • Alas, it also is not available in Canada (amazon.ca). Then again, this may be a good thing.

      • Yep. Doesn’t work for Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.jp. I only use Amazon.com to drop ship certain items to a friend who lives just over the border and visits often.

        Something’s weird with Amazon.ca today. Everytime I clicked a button to go to a new page the language changed from English to French or vice versa and I got an email saying “Vous avez modifié avec succès votre langue de préférence pour consulter notre site, magasiner et recevoir des communications d’Amazon.ca en ‘Français'” or “You have successfully changed your preferred language for browsing, shopping and receiving communications from Amazon.ca to ‘English’. No, I have unsuccessfully changed my languages settings. Stop doing that!

  12. Holy Crap. And that’s NOT including digital purchase or Audible? I’m well over $10,000 in physical goods purchases there. Mostly since 2012.

  13. And its probably not coincidence that the explosion in my amazon purchasing habits coincided with my purchase of a Kindle Fire.

  14. Surprisingly not as much as I thought. But I could have funded that trip to Tunisia that I wanted to go on before the Arab Spring broke out there. They have these nice Greco-Roman ruins I want to see. I regret nothing 🙂

  15. All I can say is…”O – M – G”

    Not only have I spent a fortune on Amazon (and the reports don’t even go back to when I first started with them), I have spent a lot of time on it.

    I had no idea. I rely on them for much of my shopping because I hate to shop, but wow.


  16. Heh, I’m just glad that I can’t find out how much I spent at Radio Shack when I was younger or Fry’s.

    Though there was this one credit card bill right after Fry’s opened in Austin. I got the bill and knew they’d screwed up royally. Then I started checking off the items …

    Okay …
    Well, yeah, that too …
    Darn, that too …
    Oh hell …
    (me cutting a check worth five months of rent — but I had built four computers for family members and a ‘super’ pair of systems for myself …)

  17. I can’t figure out how to get the numbers added together. I read the instructions, but that didn’t help.

    • If you can’t add that high, it’s a big number. 😉

      Like if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

      • You’ve got that right. I had a loooong list of purchases since 2003. (I’ve actually been a customer since the ’90s, but I closed the first account and opened a new one in 2003 because I thought getting a new credit card required a new account — later learned it doesn’t.)

        • The column that has the final price (on my spreadsheet, it was AD),

          Immediately under that in an empty cell (really, you can do this in any empty cell) type =SUM(AD2:AD???) where ??? is the row of the last entry, then click enter.

  18. I apparently already knew about it, since I have a saved report from 2013.

    Over $10k since 2006, excluding digital orders.

    Now I have to go add up my digital orders because I’m curious.

  19. Omg, no no no. No I do not want to see. Thank you very much. Lol.

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