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3 February 2016

The mountains near Casa PG are looking good these days.

.File Feb 03, 3 28 49 PM

This is an iPhone photo. Phone cameras are getting better and better.


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  1. I was born in Glendale, and hope to retire somewhere in the southern part of the state. It is great to see the drought at least abated. That snow is important.

  2. Spectacular.

  3. I was looking for the upvote or the Like button. I spend too much time on Imgur and Facebook.

  4. Gorgeous and I agree with your assessment of Iphone cameras. My Canon camera languishes neglected…

    • Not too many years before he died, Steve Jobs noted that during the previous year more photos were taken using iPhones than had been taken during that same period using all regular digital cameras in the world combined.

    • It broke my heart when I realized that my new phone takes better photos than my five year old, expensive, digital camera. Letting that go was hard!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. It’s not the camera. It’s the eye of the photographer.

  7. Stunning!

  8. I love it, PG! It *almost* makes me wish I were back in snow country. 🙂

  9. Lovely photo, PG! And this comes from someone who is veritably surrounded by snowcapped mountains right now.

  10. Very beautiful!

    Thank you for the snow. My area didn’t get much this winter.

  11. Thank you for this lovely picture. I’ve been worried that I will have to shovel my way out of my house like I did last winter. This year I’ve hardly seen any snow. It must be marvelous to have mountains in your backyard.

  12. It’s beautiful PG, but as my bones get older, I appreciate less snow. We were buried in the Northeast last year. Today it’s in the 50’s and almost all are precipitation this winter has been rain. Keep posting your pictures. They are lovely.

  13. Thanks to all for the kind words about the photo.

  14. PG are you on an iphone 6sPlus?

    Regardless, if you havent yet, look into Moment lenses. Tiny bayonets. Completely cool They are SPECtacular, esp wide angle and 2x, but also macro. Reasonably priced, ultra superior optics with no edge distortion, no color dist, made precisely for iphone. Give them a look see if you havent already.

    I ditched my bigger digital and shoot all iphone now. The post production as you know, is also part of the art.

    I love the detail in your snow photo of the footprints in the snow. So gin clear.

  15. Lovely photo!

    I confess that I only use my iPhone 6 for the impromptu pet and kid photos.

    I can’t take more interesting pictures with it because I have a hard time holding it still. My DSLR body is somehow easier for me to hold steady.

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