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Terry Pratchett statue to bring Discworld author home to Salisbury

10 February 2016

From The Guardian:

Plans to erect a bronze statue of Terry Pratchett in Salisbury are gathering pace after campaigners received the backing of the city council.

Almost 9,000 people have signed a petition calling for a permanent statue of the Discworld author, who died last year, to be installed in a prominent position in his hometown. Started by resident and designer Emily Brand, the campaign has received the backing of Pratchett’s family, as well as his friend and fellow author Neil Gaiman.

“He would have said something a bit sarcastic about it, and have been secretly very pleased. And then he would have discovered that you can hide something inside a statue, and confided in all his friends that in a few hundred years people would be in for a surprise … I hope the statue gets made,” Gaiman wrote on Facebook, urging his followers to sign the petition.

Link to the rest at The Guardian and thanks to Meryl for the tip.

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5 Comments to “Terry Pratchett statue to bring Discworld author home to Salisbury”

  1. My suggestion for the statue is Terry Pratchett with his hand on the shoulder of Rincewind, the Librarian holding a book up for Terry to sign, and DEATH and THE DEATH OF RATS behind him weeping.

  2. I had the luck of hearing him speak when he was on tour a few years ago. The man was as charming as his books and wonderfully generous with his time, visiting and signing books afterwards. I love Antares suggestion for the statue.

    • Same here.

      What would be even more cool is if the town could include statues or fixtures based on Disc World characters scattered about. The neighborhood where I grew up had swing sets topped with finials based on the heads of Wizard of Oz characters. Each “arm” had a swing dangling from it. They gave the place a certain charm. I’d love for kids in Salisbury to tell each other, “Let’s meet by the Granny Weatherwax swing or the Nanny Ogg fountain**.”

      **which would be shaped like a cauldron.

  3. Treacle Mine Road in Wincanton is taken from his books.

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