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The ships

23 February 2016

The ships hung in the sky, much the way that bricks don’t.

Douglas Adams


7 Comments to “The ships”

  1. Ahh, Douggie. What a literary giant you are.

  2. Oh come on now, they proved with the F-4 that if you added enough thrust you could make a brick fly … 😉

  3. Hey, hey, I wrote my senior paper on the F-4, Phantom. (Before the name was changed to the idiotic Wild Weasel.)


    • Heh, I was comm/nav on the RF-4Cs for a bit. Dang but those things had enough sharp edges to nick yourself on (we called them ‘phantom bites’ because the first you knew you’d been cut was someone else asking you what happened.)

      Only bird I’d seen more likely to go in tail first instead of nose first if they lost both engines (that’s how unbalanced the dang things were!)

      Then there were the ‘little’ diamonds of flame sitting in the middle of the exhaust when you had one tied to the ramp and the throttle in afterburner during a nighttime test (never mind the noise — you didn’t hear it, it rattled your bones and teeth! 😉 )

      Good times, no matter the amount of cussing I did during that time.

  4. such a great line

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