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TIME Magazine names male author Evelyn Waugh on female most-read list

26 February 2016

From ABC Australia:

If Evelyn Waugh had been born a woman he would have been the 97th most read female author in college classes, according to TIME Magazine.

But the late English writer best known for his books Brideshead Revisited, Decline and Fall and A Handful of Dust, was not of the gender that would fit TIME Magazine’s 100 most-read female writers in college classes.

This morning the publication released its list but was quickly made aware of its mistake on social media.

TIME Magazine later corrected the story, and now Marguerite Duras holds 97th place.

Link to the rest at ABC Australia and thanks to Meryl for the tip.

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13 Comments to “TIME Magazine names male author Evelyn Waugh on female most-read list”

  1. See? The way the plumbing’s hooked up doesn’t matter. 😉

  2. Oh, Time. You make me feel so weird for knowing that pre-1950’s, many names we think are feminine were first masculine: Shirley, Stacey, Beverly, Lynn, Leslie, Meredith, Dana, Carol, Hilary — that’s all I can think of right this second. I have no idea when “Jamie” was first used, but lets throw it in the pile anyway 🙂

    Also, beware those foreigners, whose menfolk use names that we think are only feminine but actually swing both ways: Andrea, Alexis, and Jean may be dudes. Check their accents!

    I love to study names. I have a name book I re-bought on Kindle because they paperback is falling apart, I consult and add to it so often. One day, I will learn why French women will sometimes have “Joseph” for a second name (Marie-Joseph), and why a man could have “Marie” for a second name (Jean-Marie Le Pen, or the German actor Klaus Maria Brandauer).

    My minor obsession aside … this has gotta be embarrassing for Time. Other people may pretend to be well-read — it is apparently a good ruse for picking up chicks in book stores 😛 — but “well-read” is supposed to be the demographic that a Time writer goes into by default. Oh well.

    • I know he’s not a writer, but please don’t leave Marion R. Morrison off your list, Jamie. 😀

      If it’s any consolation, my middle name is a traditional Scandinavian male’s. So it’s not just the Europeans.

      • Oh, that’s right! I forgot about the Duke. Definitely counts.

        Until I got it corrected, my birth certificate had the masculine spelling of my very girly middle name. I think it was just an accident in that case, though. And you’re right, I know a couple of American women with your middle name situation, now that I think about it.

      • Connie Mack (four of them, so far).

    • There’s Kimberly and Vivien.

      Sure we can come up with more.

  3. Most interesting is that Time has people working in its Editorial Dept who apparently have little education in the Humanities. The whole country has been dumbed down–which maybe explains our politics.

  4. Apparently Time’s not a fan of “Lost in Translation” movie. 🙂 Remember that obnoxious singer Kelly staying at the hotel under a false name?

    Kelly: Alright. Listen, I’m under Evelyn Waugh. Shh, okay?
    Charlotte: [after Kelly leaves] Evelyn Waugh? Evelyn Waugh was a man.
    John: Oh, come on, she’s nice. What? You know, not everybody went to Yale. It’s just a pseudonym, for Christ’s sake.

  5. His first wife was also named Evelyn. One of his biographers referred to her as she-Evelyn, but himself did not speak of her.

  6. Probably having his most famous title start with the word “Bride” wasn’t helpful, either.

  7. I quit reading Time — and Newsweek — years ago. Nothing but vapid, trivial fluff.

    For a hard-news publication, I’ve been reading The Economist for quite awhile. Serious news, and it actually covers the rest of the world outside the US borders.

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