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To write

28 February 2016

To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author.

Charles Caleb Colton


8 Comments to “To write”

  1. Thank the deities we can now skip the second gatekeeping step and go from writing to offering to the readers.

    • You still need an honest person to get it to the readers, unless you recite in person. Just read “publish” as “distribute”.

      • Depends, are you doing it just to write, to be read, or for the money …

        The first two are easy with the internet (I’ve had some of my free stuff out there for over a decade now), the third for now seems to be Amazon and the like …

      • You do indeed need someone to distribute it, but finding that is no longer one of the ‘three great difficulties’. Unless, I suppose, you have great difficulty clicking a button.

        • The difficulty has never been finding a person but finding an honest person. Amazon has a button. iBooks has a button. Each of the umpteen Author Solutions imprints has a button. Between those extremes there are numerous people with buttons that probably mean well, and some that haven’t noticed things are changing.

          Sure it’s obvious to you or me that Amazon (for example) is a good, valid choice. But look around the web and you’ll find established, well respected author support sites, including ones that routinely warn against Author Solutions, on which many people warn that Amazon is a scam because you aren’t really published if you self-publish.

          Sometimes, simple people find easy difficult.

  2. Kind of smacks of navel gazing self-delusion about how “important” writing is the only writing worth doing. A notion promoted when the elite wanted to control what was published and allowed to be read. Primarily to discourage the riff raff from getting the idea that their scribblings are worth anything.

    These days, write from your heart whatever the heck makes you happy, self-publish and let the readers decide what is worthy.

    And if you want to make any money at writing, sensible people are not the ones to target.

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