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13 Self Published Books You Won’t Find At A Book Store, But Need To Read

3 March 2016

From Romper:

The publishing world is changing at a pace that can only be compared to the world of technology. Because, as technology changes, so does the world of publishing. E-Readers and iPhones have changed the face of how we read and how we write. These days, if you’re rejected by a publisher, you can just as easily self-publish online, and turn your novel into an e-book. The only tricky part about self-publishing, is that it’s hard to gain visibility. But trust me, there are definitely self-published books you won’t find at a book store, but deserve your attention ASAP.

The amazing range that self-published books provide can be hard to navigate, but thanks to sites like Indie Reader and Goodreads, the world of books becomes slightly less daunting. Whether you’re into a general genre like historical fiction, or you’ve got more singular tastes, like wild folklore based fantasy set in modern times… there’s a self-published book out there for you! So kick back, grab your e-reader, or your laptop, and get ready to click through on a buying frenzy. Richly detailed and phenomenally written, the following novels are here to usher you through the last of winter hibernation, one chapter at a time.

Link to the rest at Romper


8 Comments to “13 Self Published Books You Won’t Find At A Book Store, But Need To Read”

  1. Several sound intriguing, but the first two covers . . . Actually, several of them would benefit from improved covers. (Types she who has multiple cover flops of her own that need to be replaced/reworked).

    • All the covers look horrible because they’ve been enlarged to several times their rendered size. I checked my display settings to make sure I hadn’t enlarged them on my end. I can make them smaller, but that crude enlargement is the default size.

      • Yeah, but even if they were the proper size, several of them still wouldn’t be anything to write home about. I think she was referring to the cover art / typography. For sure I am.

        • Yes – cover art, typography, color selection (red and black can be problematic on black-n-white e-readers).

  2. So that’s an odd post. It says “You need to read these” and then her first summary says “Sounds amazing”. In other words, she likely hasn’t read them herself and is somehow shilling? Separate from the covers that are mostly odd, some have errors in their descriptions which are always big red flags for me, more so than the covers. I also love when someone says “you must read this”, but it’s the second in a series and they can’t even be bothered to say “read the first one” or whatever. Another is by a fairly well known guy (Disney, press services, White House), not exactly flying under the radar. My favorite though is the one for Finding Flipper Frank — the blog makes it sound like a road trip / finding yourself / making connections story, and the Amazon description is all about an embezzlement mystery once they reach their destination.

    All of these seem to be IndieReader-recommendations, which looks a lot like a paid review farm. Or am I being too cynical or harsh on their “$225 premium review” price?

    A couple looked okay, but the fact they are in with some others that need a lot of work, I’ll pass on all of them.


    • I was puzzled that she never really said why we should read these particular books. Sure, she included the blurbs (several of which needed proofreading), but most bloggers would share their personal take on why and she didn’t. Very odd. Looks a little dodgy to me.

      • Add me to the pile of skeptics, and for the same reasons. Although, I initially thought the lousy blurbs were Kehoe’s doing, because it never occurred to me a writer would fail to proofread her own blurb. But then I remembered the typo-ridden e-books I’ve bought.

  3. “… if you’re rejected by a publisher …”

    Ah, no. No need to wait to be rejected, self pub is the way to go for those new and for the old trad-pubed low to mid listers.

    “The only tricky part about self-publishing, is that it’s hard to gain visibility”

    Same problem for low and mid listers as well, trad-pub doesn’t waste money with ads for them.

    As was said above, nothing but a ‘paid review farm’ …

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