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Amazon, Google Update Text-to-Speech Voices For Your Listening Needs

31 March 2016

From The Digital Reader:

I can’t tell you how many users take advantage of the TTS features on their Android or Fire tablets. I usually don’t, even though a lot of Android apps support  TTS, and even though the Fire tablet supports Ivona as a core feature.

Now they’ve gotten an update. Last week Google quietly started rolling out an updated voice for its TTS service, and this week Amazon followed suit with a similar update for the Fire tablets.

Android Authority reported last Wednesday that Google had updated the US voice for its TTS engine which is “new, smoother and less disjointed”. It’s said to have “more natural intonation” and a more fluid delivery which is more life-like.

Link to the rest at The Digital Reader

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7 Comments to “Amazon, Google Update Text-to-Speech Voices For Your Listening Needs”

  1. The voices sound the same to me, except for the delay on the computer

    • I thought I could hear a difference.

      • I heard a difference. The “new and improved” voice really did sound more fluid and more natural.

        I wish my Kindle Touch would get an improved voice! I tried using it for proofreading and couldn’t hack it, because the text-to-speech didn’t recognize my scene breaks (hard return, 3 asterisks, hard return) and ran the last word of the last paragraph in a scene together with the first word in the first paragraph of the next scene. Drove me nuts!

        Luckily, text-to-speech on my laptop did much better. Although it did mangle all the proper names. Fantasy. Eh.

        But the typos almost jump off the screen when I read along with text-to-speech. That method of proofreading – which I learned from my fellow TPVers – works brilliantly. Thank you! 😀

  2. I use TTS on my Fire for proofreading. A recent short story I completed cried out for a male British voice, so I downloaded the male UK English voice “Brian” from the settings menu.

    There’s nothing like listening to gay gladiator romance read by someone trying to sound like John Cleese.

  3. Still sounds like a computer. Is it really that hard to sample a voice?

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