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Amazon pays women 99.9% what it pays men

24 March 2016

From USA Today:

In a statement, Amazon said that a review of its entire U.S. staff, including warehouse workers, found that women’s compensation in 2015 was 99.9% of men’s in equivalent jobs. Further, minorities make 100.1% of what white workers earn, Amazon said.

“There will naturally be slight fluctuations from year to year, but at Amazon we are committed to keeping compensation fair and equitable,” the statement said.

. . . .

So far Intel, Apple and now Amazon have released information about what the sexes earn. Intel announced in February it has achieved 100% gender equity in its salaries. On Feb. 26, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple currently pays women 99.6% what it pays men and that the company is committed to closing the remaining gap.

Closing the wage gap is not only the right thing to do but will make the companies stronger and more profitable, said Lamb.

Link to the rest at USA Today and thanks to Casey for the tip.


5 Comments to “Amazon pays women 99.9% what it pays men”

  1. Oh, give that poor woman $1000 and make it 100%. Or, better yet, give a thousand women $1 each.

  2. I am the .1 percent!

  3. That .1% gap could easily be negotiation factors, like someone wanting to work from home rather than come into the office. Just a thought.

  4. But… but… there must be some ulterior motive!

  5. There’s that darn Glass ceiling again.

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