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Amazon’s Alexa Is Now Your Bank Teller

11 March 2016

From Fortune:

Amazon’s virtual personal assistant Alexa is now able to handle your finances—kinda.

Capital One customers who own an Alexa-enabled device can now check balances, find out when bills are due, and even pay bills through Amazon’s virtual assistant, the companies announced on Friday. Capital One is the first bank to use Amazon’s Alexa to let users access and interact with their financial information.

. . . .

Over the last couple of years, Amazon has added several “skills” to its cloud-based personal assistant. In addition to simple commands, like finding out what is on the user’s calendar or setting alarms, Alexa is capable of turning on lights in the home and even ordering pizzas from Domino’s. Alexa comes with a companion iOS and Android app to link to the many services it supports, including Spotify as well as Domino’s. The service is most commonly activated by simply saying “Alexa,” followed by a command.

Adding Capital One to the mix is a logical extension of Alexa’s features. Indeed, Alexa’s appeal is in making it easier for users to perform tasks or access information. Being able to get updates on a credit card balance and to tell Capital One to pay that balance is more of the same.

Link to the rest at Fortune

PG wonders how long it will take for Alexa to include an Authors Union feature:

Alexa, fedex our thoughts to the Justice Department.


5 Comments to “Amazon’s Alexa Is Now Your Bank Teller”

  1. P.G.

    I mostly listen to Audiobooks, BBC Radio 4 and NPR have an Alexa/Echo which I’m finding to be a charming assistant.

    One peculiar thing that I have noticed is that I always say please and thank you.

    I’m sure that when the cylons arrive in full force I will be perfectly comfortable with mine, which of course will be a full simulation of Summer Glau 🙂


  2. I still think its a hackers wet dream. Initially for getting your information but later on maybe it could go on offense for you as well?

    Me: “Alexa, hack into Goldman Sachs and wire five million into my account.”

    Alexa: “I already have.”

    Me: “Atta girl.”

    • Ahh. So this will be how Skynet gets started: Alexa users are going to teach her what humans are interested in, what we want done, and then she will become self-aware …

  3. I can’t help wondering how the access to your financial accounts can be adequately encrypted. Although… I suppose it’s not really any different from online banking, given that all of that also passes through wifi connections.

  4. I’m equally excited and wary. I think it’s super cool that Alexa can check my credit card balance and due date for me, but I’m not so sure I want it that easy to access for other people. For now, I’ll stick to using her for her many other great features.

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