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Hamlet’s experience

21 March 2016

Hamlet’s experience simply could not have happened to a plumber.

George Bernard Shaw


5 Comments to “Hamlet’s experience”

  1. That sounds like a writing challenge. 😀

  2. George Bernard Shaw has no idea what we plumbers go through… Moral dilemmas? Existential crises? I’ve had ’em. And a client murdered, too.

  3. sure it coulda.

    hardly any man can dig deep enough to keep an overbearing father buried.

    Really, G.BS thinks plumbers dont think, dont wonder ‘is this all there is?’ Maybe that’s why we often hear G.BS quoted but no one reads his works through and through. On th eother hand, some mercy; his time was a time when quipping reached highs and lows, and were insider jokes amongst the great non-tradesmen born into a ‘ah higher, they believed, regional niche in the world

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