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I always wanted to be a cowboy

17 March 2016

I always wanted to be a cowboy, and Jedi Knights are basically cowboys in space, right?

Liam Neeson


15 Comments to “I always wanted to be a cowboy”

  1. Sheriffs, mr. Neeson. Or Pinkertons.

    Sigh… This explains so much…

    Take care.

  2. P.G.

    Cowboys. Beans, Cows, smell, testosterone, guns, rattlesnakes, dust and sleeping outside.

    Nah….I likes me home comforts 🙂


    • Have you seen some of the off-road toys they have now a days? 😛

      Of course I do have to wonder about motorbikes with A/C on them (old news, saw them in the 80s or 90s), but some people don’t ‘rough it’ when they leave the beaten path.

  3. //Have you seen some of the off-road toys they have now a days? //


    I have and I have freckled, white skin which frizzles in the sun. I bin in Arizona and Florida and it frightened me witless. I burn to a crozzle and am just not manly enough to be any kind of cowboy.

    I also spent about 25 years hanging around in the back of police wagons with A-type personality males who smoked, drank, snored, swore like stevedores, spat and had sex with every woman they ever spent five minutes with, while I did not. For many a year, I felt very inadequate as a male person.

    I have since discovered that perhaps some of them might have not been entirely truthful. What do I know?

    I know I was tough enough, because after a couple of violent fights, no one bothered me again…but they always seemed more manly than me.

    I’m an old softie now, I love my big ole soft bed in the same place and no rattlesnakes 🙂

    Happy for the real men to drive the cattle….and drive them buses in space…


    • Heh, add red hair in my case and I too burn with very little sun.

      I will have to admit to have not taken any rides in police taxis, but I ‘had’ the size and looks of a brawler so was left alone most of the time. Today bum knees means you won’t catch me walking far without a little help like a shopping cart at the store …

      All I meant was that ‘roughing it’ ain’t what it was before.

    • Most women know these facts about men:

      Height: subtract two inches.

      Weight: subtract twenty pounds unless scrawny.

      Statements: subtract about half as machismo-based whoppers.

    • Most of the cowboys I know are kind to animals and good with babies.

  4. How do they get those cows into spacesuits? Boggles the mind. Especially since cowpats are a pretty continuous product.

  5. Some people call me the space cowboy…

  6. No, space cowboys were on Firefly.

  7. I always wanted to be a [movie] cowboy

    There. Fixed that for you.

    I grew up a cowboy. I lived the life. That’s why I became a computer programmer, a statistician, and a lawyer.

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