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I love the book

25 March 2016

I love the book. I love the feel of a book in my hands, the compactness of it, the shape, the size. I love the feel of paper. The sound it makes when I turn a page. I love the beauty of print on paper, the patterns, the shapes, the fonts. I am astonished by the versatility and practicality of The Book. It is so simple. It is so fit for its purpose. It may give me mere content, but no e-reader will ever give me that sort of added pleasure.

Susan Hill


15 Comments to “I love the book”

  1. I love my ereader. Not only can it hold hundreds of books so I can decide what I feel like reading, those hundreds of books will fit in some of my larger shirt pockets.

    And as my eyes are getting older, I up the zoom rather that replacing all my books for large print ones …

  2. The logical failure here: I love my paper book SO YOU SHOULD, TOO – because my opinion is right and the only one that matters.

    I’m getting smarmy in my old age: my response was, “Oh, shut up already.”

  3. I love the non-moldy smell of my Kindle.

  4. I loved my paper books. I also loved donating about 800 plus of them to the Goodwill Bookstore when I sold my house and moved.

    What I love more than “the feel” of books is their content.

    Surprisingly, it tends to be the same in paper as well as eBooks.

  5. My ereader. “It is so simple. It is so fit for its purpose.”

  6. I like books, too. But the last novel by Stephen King I tried to read had more than 1400 pages. The damn thing weighed about 15 lbs.

    But I rather enjoyed the ebook version.

    • You just bumped me to buying his books in e from now on, LOL.

      I forgot how hard it is to hold his books while reading them, or suffering neck pain because I put them on a table or my desk instead.

  7. I love the story.

    Apparently the author of this piece doesn’t care about the story- only about the format. I would say–not a reader.

  8. Jeez Ms. Hill. Get a room.

  9. I love the book. I love the weight of it in my hand, the heft of it. I especially love the hardcover book, the stiffness of the boards under the cloth. The satisfying thwack! it makes when I knock a book fetishist on the noggin with it. You can’t hit fools upside the head with an ebook.

  10. I love the book too, for most of the same reasons, and I was very excited to see this quote posted, knowing that the comments following would read exactly as they do.

    Thanks, PG, for posting an unpopular opinion. It’s nice to see them pop up from time to time.

    • Well, you know, those comments appeared because at least some of those points made are pretty good ones.

      Really, my biggest problem with the book fetishists is that they’re upset over the fact that e-readers are now more popular. Oh no! People are reading things the wrong way! That’s horrible!


      Not that Ms. Hill is saying that, or not in as many words. But the attitude is of one who is arguing for the superiority of books over e-readers, when the argument is a poor one.

  11. I love paper books too. AND my Kindle. I can love two things at the same time! For different reasons! Anarchy!

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