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New Nook Hardware Could Become Worthless in the UK After May 2016

16 March 2016

From The Digital Reader:

With Barnes & Noble set to shutter its UK Nook Store today, its customers are still scrambling to get their ebooks transferred to Sainsbury’s. Some report that the transfer service is flaky, while others say that theyhave yet to receive the email so they can start the transfer process.

Everyone is still trying to parse the frustratingly incomplete FAQs on the Sainsbury’s website and get their questions answered. For example, we know that Sainsbury’s is promising a credit for any title that doesn’t transfer from the Nook Store, but we still don’t yet know everything about whether you will be able to read them on Nook devices.

. . . .

You see, Sainsbury doesn’t say anything about managing a Nook device after the transition, It has an FAQ which neglects to mention that you won’t be able to buy ebooks from the Nook any more (that would require B&N’s servers) while at the same time offering a less than complete explanation of how to load ebooks on to a Nook Uk device (the instructions will not work for the latest Nook model, the Glowlight Plus).

And to make matters worse, that FAQ leaves out a few important details. For example, I found a B&N FAQ which informs us that an unregistered Nook could become useless in the UK after the end of May.

. . . .

[I]f you should have to reset a Nook UK device in June, you won’t be able to reauthorize it to the same account. And if someone gives you a Nook UK device in June or later, you won’t be able to log in using your current credentials.

And since B&N requires that a Nook device be authorized before you can use it, that is a problem.

. . . .

B&N is about to render a lot of hardware worthless.

Link to the rest at The Digital Reader

Further evidence that Barnes & Noble is clueless with technology. They need to stick with coloring books.

PG says Amazon should offer UK Nook owners a special deal on a Fire tablet or Kindle ereader.

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  1. A Nook owner reacts to the news that B&N is closing down Nook in the UK and that Amazon is now his only choice for an ereader.

  2. Time to poke the hubby: he got a chip a while back that turns the Nook into a nice little tablet, and hasn’t installed it.

    Got mine as a present – and it is very useful for checking out my epubs – but I mostly use it to play Bee Cells. Nice little thing, but a bit heavy (Nook Color). I doubt I’ve bought 5 books from BN, and then only because someone gave me a gift card for it.

  3. I like your idea, PG. Tell Jeff.

  4. But they told us DRM was nothing to worry about…

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