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18 March 2016

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Vince Lombardi


5 Comments to “Perfection”

  1. Paprika Measure: 2 dashes == 1smidgen 2 smidgens == 1 pinch 3 pinches == 1 soupcon 2 soupcons == 2 much paprika

  2. I think if we chase perfection we end up with either endless rewrites and polishing or paralysis. Chasing excellence works a lot better for me.

    • Depends on what business you’re in. Lombardi could afford to chase perfection, because there are no rewrites in football. You have to play the games at a set time every week.

      As a writer, I’d say something like: Chase perfection, but catch your deadlines.

    • Kathleen, Agreed. The Standard Is Excellence.

  3. If you write and publish ebooks, your best approach is to keep the formatting and frills as simple as possible, use HTML, and forget about trying to make an ebook look like a printed book. Your words are either interesting or not interesting and enhancing appearance with gimmicks does not enhance what you have to say. IMHO.

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