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Problems with TPV

7 March 2016

PG received a notification that TPV was down for 27 minutes this morning.

He apologizes to any who were inconvenienced. He will be checking with his hosting service to find out what may have caused the problem.

UPDATE: PG’s hosting provider says it was subject to a DOS (Denial of Service) attack this morning, but has the issue under control. This was not directed specifically at TPV.

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11 Comments to “Problems with TPV”

  1. For once, it wasn’t my rural internet connection. Hope you get things sorted out, PG.

  2. I use the same provider (thanks to PG for the referral) and my site was down off and on over night as well. Glad we are both back up!

  3. Among the many things I will never understand, hacking is right up there near the top. What motivates people to launch such attacks? Just bragging rights for a dubious “victory”?

  4. I’m sure it was hackers, but doesn’t the responsibility somehow rest with Amazon, the Authors Guild, self-publishers, Big Pub or the NYTimes?

    Did I miss anyone?


    • They could have been going after anyone using the same hosting service, so the TPV may not even have been the target.

  5. Hands shaking, nerves jangled, coffee spilled all over keyboard.

    Everything okay, now.


  6. The Whales were *trying* to DDOS PG, but it is hard to hit the keys with flippers 😀

  7. BTW, I got a “broken link” notification this week to something I linked to on your site. In the 27 minutes you were down, my site apparently noticed your absence and missed you. 🙂

    I had it recheck the link, went back to “okay” status. I’m sure that wasn’t a commentary on the content…


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