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Relaunching & Marketing a Book After Getting the Rights Back

2 March 2016

From BookBub:

Relaunching a book — or even an entire series — can be a great way for authors to reinvigorate sales and get new loyal fans.

Independently published authors and publishers can relaunch books at any time. Traditionally published authors sometimes get the opportunity to relaunch a book when their publisher reverts a book’s rights back to them. This happened to Colleen Gleason when she reacquired the rights to her The Gardella Vampire Hunters series. We interviewed her to learn how she relaunched and marketed the first book in the series, The Rest Falls Away. She was kind enough to share her unique insights and ideas.

. . . .

What were your goals for the relaunch of The Rest Falls Away?

Since this book (and the other four in its series) had just reverted back to me from my original publisher, my goal was to relaunch this series and to give it “new life.” The series had been published between 2007 and 2009, and therefore was prior to the big ebook boom in 2011.

Since this title is the first in the series, my goal was to distribute this book and give it visibility as widely as possible in order to hook potential readers into the entire series. Therefore, I positioned this book — with its new cover and packaging — as a loss-leader, first-in-series free. I accompanied this book (which I consider a marketing tool) with the simultaneous relaunch of the other four books in the series.

What marketing did you implement prior to this book’s release?

Again, this was a relaunch, so the book had already been available prior to its repackaging and updating. Here you can see the old cover on the left and the new version on the right:


The Rest Falls Away and the rest of the series wasn’t available from retailers for about a month between the time the old version was for sale (via my previous publisher) and the time I relaunched it, so I spent the four weeks prior doing teasers on social media and encouraging signups to my personal newsletter. I also used this time to prep my street team. I discussed with them how we’d redone the packaging of the books and why, and got them organized and motivated to help spread the word. I have a private Facebook group for my promo team, and I do things like post ARCs of new books, teasers, and other info about how and where to spread the word. In this case, since there was an illustration incorporated into the new edition ofThe Rest Falls Away, they got to see it before anyone else.

I mainly used pre-launch time to gear up for the big relaunch day. I wasn’t worried about hitting a bestseller list because the impetus, the title I was promoting, was a loss-leader freebie — so it had no chance of hitting any lists.

Link to the rest at BookBub

Here’s a link to Colleen Gleason’s books. If you like an author’s ideas, you can show your appreciation by checking out their books.

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  1. BookBub’s clientele seems to be authors that came over from traditional publishing, or at least authors that’ve been high-earners with self-publishing.

    I don’t feel they’re interested in us little guys.

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