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Strange Happenings in the Comments

9 March 2016

PG has received several emails reporting strange things happening in the comments. It appears that all (or many) instances of the letter i have disappeared.

When PG looks at the comments from within the WordPress dashboard, the i’s appear where they should.

PG is checking to see if he can find the source of this problem. His security software hasn’t reported any problems.

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22 Comments to “Strange Happenings in the Comments”

  1. From what I’ve seen, just lower case I and only In the comments — emaIls are fine …

    (as In edIt I can see the I In fIne above, but not as a saved comment …)

    (and saved the edit and it was there .. ?)

  2. Has PG angered anyone lately? An eye for an eye sort of person?

    Have you unsettled vowel debt?

    • Word around the ‘net is that Apple is suing everyone for use of the lowercase ‘i’, which they copyrighted in 2007. So we’re going to have to learn to get used to life without it.

      Or, l1fe, as I like to say.

  3. Are they appearyng yn road sygns yn Wales?

  4. pg was thesiteattacked recently? Might need more layer of security. Because it is election season [infernally long fgs] we have beefed up two more layers bec
    of attacks from who knows where… people across the world who contribute to politicians here and dont like our stance? Who knows. They think its cute to be mischievous. In our case, they took us offline for periods of time, scrambled the face page so images and text overwrote one another. I wish I knew how to do those things so I could know how to UNDO them for us and others.

    And its kind of surreal to see the ‘eye’s lower case’ appear during writing comments here, only to have it disappear when hit ‘save’… that might tell your IT guy/gal where the glitch is.

    Rather amazing, as I was looking at the comment I just made the lower case ‘eyes’ suddenly reappeared.

    Hang in there, you’ll get it solved, if not already

  5. I see this ‘trick’ also has affected seemingly all comments, even those days old. Hmmm. I know you will solve this PG. Then, we pounce! And I for an I. Right?

  6. If you’re using the Jetpack plugin, others have reported this issue with Jetpack 3.9.3, released March 9.


    Looks like either disabling shortcode embeds or pulling another Jetpack update should fix it.

    • Of course the troublesome letter was removed from the URL. Grr…

      There are four that need to be added. “topc”, “mssng” (2), and “reples”.

  7. The newest Jetpack is 3.94, released one hour ago. 🙂

  8. lower case I only is missing

  9. Better keep your “I” out for the reason for that occurrence.

  10. Not just a problem here. Seen on other WordPress blogs also.

  11. Reality Observer

    Test. Is this “I” here?

    Now, is this “I” here?


  13. Well, PG, you keep reportIng on Apple’s legal battles, why are you surprIsed now? They were bound to block you from usIng theIr favourIte letter sooner or later! 😉

  14. Just an FYI,

    Another big problem I have is with the comments on a mobile device. ie. iPhone in my case

    If people reply to each other’s comments, eventually it just becomes this one long reply consisting of a single letter. So, as the threading gets deeper and deeper, it becomes unreadable rather quickly.

  15. And now we know why “team” has no “I.”

  16. Very glad to see that even old comments got restored to full glory. I gave up on reading them earlier this morning.

    My sites would have been affected, too, but for once I was lazy with the updates and missed the faulty one!

  17. There’s no “I” in “Blame Amazon”. I keep waiting for them to start using Amazonopoly as a catch phrase, hasn’t started yet.

    Good to hear it was JetPack, I was wondering if it was a font choice issue.


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