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The Andre Norton Award

21 March 2016

PG received the following message from M.C.A. Hogarth:

Next year, SFWA would like to ensure indie participation in the jury for the Norton award, which recognizes the best in YA and Middle-Grade fiction for the year. I’m not familiar with the indie YA and MG markets, so I’m hoping for some recommendations of folks who’d be willing to serve on next year’s jury. They’d have to know the indie YA or MG market well, and be willing to read a lot of (free!) books; I’d also like them to help me raise awareness of the award among indies so we can get more of their works sent to the jury.

Jurists can be YA or MG authors themselves; they’d have to recuse themselves from nomination for the year, but they can serve.

Here’s a link to the relevant SWFA Norton Award page and you can contact Maggie through her author site.


15 Comments to “The Andre Norton Award”

  1. Thanks, P.G.! I really appreciate the help. 🙂

  2. Ms. Hogarth, since you’re likely reading here, may I recommend as an indie judge- Susan Kaye Quinn (http://www.susankayequinn.com/) who would be an excellent representative. She knows quality among the indies.

  3. Ms. Hogarth,

    If you haven’t already, you should post on Kboards’ Writer’s cafe.

  4. This sounds wonderful! I’m not qualified, nor do I know anyone suitable to suggest, but it’s exciting to hear that SFWA is actively looking for ways to include indies in the organization.

    I believe that indies are our future… {Got an ear worm? You’re welcome! 😛 }

    • We’d really love to get more of them on the Nebula ballot as well, but that becomes a discoverability issue that I haven’t figured out how to solve (except by having more indies in the organization, so they can recommend more of their peers’ work).

  5. I write YA and I want my books to be up for this award, so I won’t apply to be a jurist, k? Thanks. Bye. xx

  6. Susan Kaye Quinn is wonderful! Two other excellent YA writers who started out Indie and are now published through one of the Amazon imprints (and still self-publishing, as well) are Rysa Walker and Theresa Kay.

  7. This is fantastic news. 🙂 I am forwarding this to a friend of mine who does YA SF. (J. A. Marlow)

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