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There is no idea so bad

24 March 2016

There is no idea so bad that it cannot be made to look brilliant with the proper application of fonts and color.

Scott Adams

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7 Comments to “There is no idea so bad”

  1. Animation helps, too.
    Exploding pie charts, dancing bar charts, an upbeat soundtrack…

    Bow before the wisdom of Dogbert.

  2. I remember the early days, when we were first liberated from monitors and typewriter-fonts and given graphic interfaces with our computers. And mice. And MacPaint. And FONTS.

    We all went a bit crazy.

    • Laura Montgomery

      My favorite was someone’s charts on the office’s Vision. To make it more Significant, the fonter had given the word a weird, doubled effect, that made the letters and The Vision blurry. It wasn’t good.

      • Blurry vision is good if its an Optometrist office. That means more business. 🙂

        • Laura Montgomery

          That would have been good. But if I tell you where, you’ll sigh heavily and roll your eyes. In the person’s defense, it was a long time ago.

    • You got to paint mice at the office? Sounds like fun,as long as the mice don’t escape. Don’t want little painted footprints all over that nice industrial carpet or tile…

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