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Did Barnes & Noble College just dump the Nook?

25 April 2016

From Chris Meadows via TeleRead:

I happened to cruise by my local Barnes & Noble College bookstore today at IUPUI, about a half hour before closing time to look around. I had it in mind to take another in-person peek at the Nook devices they had on display there, but to my surprise, the display was nowhere to be found. The only Nook accessories I saw were some cases in the 50%-off clearance bin.

When I asked the clerk at the counter about this, he told me that the display had been removed two or three weeks ago, because the Nooks belonged to the branch of the business that ran the stores in the malls and they were really better suited to those stores—among other things, those stores had Internet access, and the campus Barnes & Noble didn’t. As far as he knew, they wouldn’t be available even by special order.

. . . .

I came back home and ran a quick Google, but I wasn’t able to find any news articles anywhere suggesting that Nooks were being removed from Barnes & Noble College stores. I don’t even have any way of knowing if they actually are being removed from all campus stores or just this one—I wanted to call some other stores and spot check them, but in a quick survey of a number of listings on the bncollege.com web site wasn’t able to locate any other stores that have Sunday hours. (Though when I entered “Nook” as a search term on the web stores of several of them, it came up with no results.)

. . . .

It seems a little odd that Barnes & Noble never tried harder to provide a college textbook solution for its own Nooks, given that it operated a chain of hundreds of college bookstores and at the very least could have licensed the Nook to them for that purpose—but perhaps it’s just another symptom of B&N’s waning support for the Nook in the interest of throwing as little good money after bad as possible.

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  1. B&N ‘dumped’ the nook when they started hiding it in the back, this is just the next step …

  2. Wait a minute … did I just read that the campus bookstore doesn’t have Internet access? What the …?

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