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Oasis is lightest and thinnest Kindle yet

13 April 2016

From GizMag:

If you’ve ever held a Kindle Paperwhite or Voyage e-reader, you’ve probably never thought “Boy, I wish this thing could be lighter and thinner.” The fact is, both readers are already comfortable to hold and use, and can pack in thousands of books in their slim form factors. But clearly the engineers at Amazon felt there was room for improvement and today they announced the Kindle Oasis, the thinnest and brightest Kindle yet.

In terms of the thinner claim, there is a part of the Oasis that’s quite a bit slimmer than the Voyage, Amazon’s last iteration of the popular Kindle line. It’s only part of the device, because what Amazon has done this time out is to make only a portion of the e-reader thinner. The other part stays wide to provide a hand grip of sorts which, it is claimed, will make the device easier to hold. So at its thinnest, the Oasis measures 0.13 in (3.4 mm), while at its thickest, it’s actually a wee bit bigger than the Voyager at 0.33 in (8.5 mm) versus that machine’s 0.3-in width (7.6 mm).

On the hand grip portion of the Oasis, Amazon has decided to include two buttons that can be used for page turning if you don’t like tapping on the screen to get the job done. This is a shift away from the page-press sensors in the Voyage, which allowed page turns to be activated by thumb pressure on the frame of the device, so it might be that Amazon didn’t get good feedback on that feature from Kindle fans.

. . . .

One of the more significant changes this time out – and perhaps one of the strangest – is that the Oasis ships with a leather charging cover. While it does normal cover stuff, like putting the device to sleep when it’s closed, Amazon also says it will charge the Oasis with enough juice for the device to last for “months.”

. . . .

The Oasis is available now for pre-order in advance of its April 27 release date, for US$289.99.

Link to the rest at GizMag and thanks to R. and many others for the tip.

Here’s a link to Amazon’s page announcing the Oasis.

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21 Comments to “Oasis is lightest and thinnest Kindle yet”

  1. And it has BUTTONS as well as a touch screen! Be still my beating heart!

    This is one more bit of proof that Amazon really really really gets it — cater not just to the generic things readers have in common, but embrace your customer’s quirks and differences. Make it a wonderful experience to use.

    All the same, I’m happy for now with my paperwhite, and an HD6 for working on. But this makes me actually look forward to the day I have to upgrade.

  2. One interesting thing to notice is that compared to the standard and paperwhite kindles, it is about 1/10th inch wider and almost a full inch *shorter*, because of less bezel on the top and bottom. As well, the weight comparison is 4.6oz vs 6.7 or 7.2 oz. Indeed, it should weight about 2/3 as much as a paperwhite.

    I’m really interested in seeing some hands on reviews by commenters, as opposed to bloggers. PG, can you send yourself a reminder to post a “so, what do you think of your oasis” post in about a month?

    Me, I’m wondering who I can foist my basic kindle off onto…

  3. I am irritated that nowhere does it say anything about whether it’s any faster than the Voyage I have, which starts gumming up if I have more than 20 books loaded on it. The page turn speed degrades noticeably. Then I have to, delete half of what I’ve got on there, and it goes back to being responsive.

    This is super annoying, and not a problem I had on any other kindle I’ve had. :/

    • Do you know if it’s just your Voyage? I’ve never heard of this issue before, and I’ve read a lot about the device. Have you contacted Amazon customer service?

  4. That $290 price point had better drop quick or we’re looking at the next Fire Phone. Maybe if Apple decided to make a dedicated e-reader they could get away charging that. No way can Amazon. I don’t care WHAT the specs are. Good grief, you can flat out buy a Fire Tablet for $50, if you either want to root or live in Amazon’s forked Android ecosystem.

    • The cheapest iPad is $269. So, no, even Apple couldn’t sell an e-reader only device for $290.

      • Well, it couldn’t anymore. But remember how much the first Kindle cost?

        The point of this one seems to be that you pay extra for the designer look and feel of the thing. It’s a departure from the boxy utilitarian style Kindles have had to date. It remains to be seen whether enough people will go for that.

        • “boxy utilitarian”?

          Go pull out the Kindle 4, or Kindle Touch. They did not have “boxy utilitarian” designs.

        • But remember how much the first Kindle cost?

          Approximately $450, adjusted for inflation.

          So the Oasis is pretty much a bargain.

        • I have the HDX 8.9 and it cost a pretty penny too. Then again, I sort of use it all the time and mostly not for reading.

          Plague Inc, Sims, email checking (KDP Dashboard!), shopping…plus it lets me fling stuff at the TV from the screen and all that, which just means I can stream TV and then keep on binge watching when I’m tired of bending my neck.

          In short, it’s a huge time sink and I love it.

          That said, when I binge read, I really do love my cheapie Kindle ereader best of all.

          The Oasis looks tempting, but I know that’s just the tech junkie inside me. I’m not sure I’d pay that much when I’m so happy with the current kindle suite that I have.

    • This isn’t the only Kindle available to buy, it’s the newest, top of the line version.

      Now, I’m not that interested in the reduced size/weight (I’m happy carrying around my DX) or the solar power case, but others will be.

      it’s $80 more than the next higher model, which doesn’t include a case (figure $20 for a case, even without the charging capability) so a $60 premium. not unreasonable for the latest model

  5. I see zero benefit to upgrading from my Voyage.

  6. Al the Great and Powerful

    HA ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nope. Not worth the money.

  7. I need to upgrade my Kindle Keyboard. Do I choose Paperwhite or Oasis? I LOVE the key to turn the page – it’s the main reason I use the Kindle not my Kobo – but is the extra cost worth it?

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