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UK Nook Owners Now Discarding Their “Useless” eReaders

19 May 2016

From The Digital Reader:

When B&N announced that it was closing its Nook UK Store and handing its customers off to Sainsbury’s, I predicted that some Nook owners would find themselves with worthless hardware which neither B&N nor Sainsbury’s would support, and sadly, that has come to pass.

. . . .

“I purchased a book and transferred it to my Nook but it cannot read the format so my wife and I will dispose of our Nooks and not get involved with Barnes & Noble ever again,” one wrote in the comment section of this blog. Another expressed similar frustration, writing “We have two Nooks which are now completely useless. I have downloaded a book to one of the Nooks from Sainsburys but it says it is an unreadable format. I have decided to dispose of the Nooks and never get involved with Barnes & Noble ever again.”
And a third Nook owner is reporting an even more serious problem: “I need to reregister my Nook. At the moment I cannot do so, which means I cannot access the 300+ books I have on there. It has all been transferred to Sainsbury’s but they can’t or won’t help me.”

. . . .

B&N is going to have to do something to help the third owner, but it sounds like most of the problems experienced by Nook owners in the UK are the usual problems with transferring DRMed ebooks from a computer to an ereader. It’s really hard to be sure without having one of the uncooperative ereaders in my hand, but that is what this sounds like.

Link to the rest at The Digital Reader

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17 Comments to “UK Nook Owners Now Discarding Their “Useless” eReaders”

  1. This is precisely why I use Calibre. I’ve been through all of this with the closing of the Fictionwise, eReader, Mobipocket, Diesel and Books on Board sites, and also the moving of the Whitcoulls (NZ bookstore) eBooks to Kobo. At keast I have all of the original eBook files downloaded and backed up in Calibre.

    • Shelley – Did you find setting up Calibre easy ? I’ve tried the same as you, but without joy.

  2. This is precisely why I use Amazon. I’ve said for the past couple of years that I was reluctant to publish via NookPress because I just didn’t trust Barnes & Noble with a longterm strategy or to be able to provide their (and by extension my) customers with a good usage experience.

  3. My color Nook plays a mean Bee Cells.

    I keep it uncharged because it’s addictive, but when I really need to veg out…

    Husband has a chip that’s supposed to turn it into a tablet; he hasn’t gotten around to that, and of course we would have to figure out an external keyboard.

    I use the nook mostly to checkout my epubs produced by Scrivener – it works very nicely as an ereader for my own writings.

    • Sounds like you have a nook color, and those can also give you the option of choosing at startup whether to be a tablet or a nook (lookup dual boot sd card for nook color). At the time bn was still sending it updates which can cause some problems when you mess with the software.

      I did that and the Nook has a standard Bluetooth chip in it that suddenly starts working when you root it and could connect to a lot of things.

      It’s pretty old, so it might be tricky now. Unless Bluetooth technology getting better means that it connects easier to old stuff.

      • Good to know about the Bluetooth chip – that is the key to the connection of keyboard and mouse.

        It’s on the to do list; DH bought the chip, but hasn’t had time to do the rest, and, as your said, things are getting older by the day.

        We seem to have more projects which require attention every day! I hope the whole thing is still usable once we get around to it – and it just occurred to me the end result to the whole process will be a Windows machine, and I’m a Mac person (he isn’t), and the last thing I want to learn is Windows right now. So it may not happen.

  4. And this is the company that has our bank account information?

  5. I have always sideloaded everything. I stopped using B and N when they dropped the ability to download to the computer.
    I have a Nook reader, a sweet little device, and a Nook Color tablet. Recently I hacked the reader, and now I can use the app of my choice with it, but I could have done that anyway.
    I usually read either on my Nexus 7 or my phone. Tablets and phones give you backlights, crisp text and a lot more other functions.

  6. I was an early Nook Color adopter, and I used it to check the ePub conversions before sending them off to the eBook stores. I ended up setting up a dual-boot option where it runs the Nook OS or a clean optimized Android operating system. The Android OS works great on the Nook Color, so make sure you don’t toss one in the trash. The eInk versions would be torn apart for the parts so I could play around with the electronics.

    As mentioned, Calibre is a great way to convert eBooks into versions that run on the Nook, so perhaps use your Nook when traveling or soaking in the tub.

  7. IMO, British nook owners should demand their credit card information be deleted, since there is no longer a business relationship, and require proof of its deletion. Maybe Catherine will weigh in on whether British law includes the right to be forgotten.

    • Not sure about the ‘right to be forgotten’ although I think that’s an EU ruling to which we here in the UK subscribe. (For the moment, anyway!) But our consumer law is pretty strong and I’m fairly sure in this case you would be able to ask them to delete your credit card information since they are no longer supplying the service you agreed to.

      • I suspect the company would be required to maintain a complete audit trail of all purchases. This would include credit card info.

        Apple and Samsung are both moving to eliminate this situation by generating unique one-time codes for every transaction. Apple Pay and Samsung-XYZ. Having any code is worthless since they work only one time.

  8. I have a Nook, but the last time I used it was to be a beta reader for a writer friend, since he had a PDF of it. At the moment, it gathers dust, and sometime this summer I’ll get a basic Kindle. Until then, I’ll still plug away with print. I will say this about an e-reader, it’s great if you want to read w/o getting into trouble (like during slow times at work).

  9. I was given a nook tablet, one of the early ones, and it’s almost unusable because it requires a ‘special’ charging cable that costs $40. Naturally the changing cable didn’t come along with the tablet. Many rooters claim the device won’t boot from SD (as mine won’t) unless the charging cable is in place. What to do, what to do…

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