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1 June 2016

All businesses need to be young forever. If your customer base ages with you, you’re Woolworth’s.

Jeff Bezos


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2 Comments to “All businesses”

  1. Long life, Jeff Bezos. You have changed the world. Without killing anyone.

  2. I break my teeth against that particular brick quite often. I’m past my 40th birthday, and yet I’m one of the few “young” steady customers at several establishments. Which as long as they have enough non-steady ones, works, of sorts. And really, many “young” people don’t have the time, patience or practical knowledge to navigate, say, a fresh produce stall.

    BUT. Then there are those who won’t have customers my age. Simply won’t. Their practices are geared completely against it. Even those market stalls have wassapp, a quite decent PR… Last few times I bought I fountain pen I bought it several COUNTRIES away (and cheaper) because the shop a few blocks away wouldn’t answer their email beyond a rote response (“no, sir, that’s not on your website: it only shows limited editions”; never heard of them after that).

    I can sort of understand that when a business’ manager is several layers away from the street. A store? Take a suicide pill, it’ll be faster and relatively painless.


    Take care.

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