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Apple Addresses App Developers’ Complaints

9 June 2016

From The Wall Street Journal:

Apple Inc. wants to make its developers happier.

The company said Wednesday that it would implement a series of changes to its App Store, including allowing more apps to charge customers via subscriptions. Apple also said it would start running ads with App Store search results.

The moves address complaints from developers who have said it was difficult for smaller, independent apps to get noticed among the millions in the App Store and it was hard to support some types of apps, such as those for workplace productivity, with only a one-time upfront fee.

Previously, Apple limited subscriptions to certain categories of apps such as music-streaming services, news publications or dating services. Apple said it would now allow all apps, including games, to bill via subscriptions.

Apps with longtime subscribers would pay Apple smaller commissions. Under the standard revenue split in the App Store, Apple keeps 30% of the fee with the rest going to developers. After a customer subscribes for more than a year, the revenue split would change to 15% for Apple and 85% for the developer.

. . . .

It is essential for Apple to keep its developers happy or risk losing them to Alphabet Inc.’s Android operating system, which runs about three-fourths of the world’s smartphones. Google parent Alphabet generally offers developers the same 30%/70% split of revenue, though for the past year it has allowed developers of some subscription-based apps to keep 85% of the revenue, according to a person familiar with the matter. The company plans to offer the more-favorable rate to more developers, the person said, though it is unclear if it will become a blanket policy for all apps.

Link to the rest at The Wall Street Journal (Link may expire)

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3 Comments to “Apple Addresses App Developers’ Complaints”

  1. It’s odd that they’d be afraid of losing developers to Android when developers keep complaining that they can’t make money on Android because Android users are cheapskates who don’t buy apps…

    • It’s a variation of Amazon Derangement Syndrome, they are both the biggest threat ever and something nobody wants to use because they make no money from them.

    • The idea that Apple is afraid of losing developers to Android is the most ludicrous thing I’ve read today (and I’ve already seen the DBW Daily, so that’s something). Almost every serious app developer supports both platforms already.

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