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Chasing Publishing Trends

10 June 2016

From Joe Konrath:

It’s never wise to chase fads or trends, because by the time you get a product to market, it may be over and you’ve missed the bandwagon.

Unless the product is a book and you self-publish. Then you can write, edit, create cover art, and get three books live in less than three hours.

Presenting my latest epic trilogy:

JA Konrath Adult Coloring Books!!!

Not only am I able to compete on price with the major houses, but I’m also one-upping traditional publishers by releasing these titles as ebooks as well as paper books.

. . . .


Link to the rest at Joe Konrath and thanks to SFR for the tip.

Here’s a link to Joe’s triangle coloring book. One of the reviewers is looking forward to the audiobook.

Here’s another link to Joe’s author page. If you like an author’s post, you can show your appreciation by checking out their books. PG thinks it would be great if Joe’s coloring books could make it to the top of the adult coloring books bestseller list.

Joe Konrath

37 Comments to “Chasing Publishing Trends”

  1. Go Joe! 😉

  2. OMG the comments on Joe’s post are super funny.

  3. This gave me a great and much needed laugh.

  4. The ebook version would be interesting…

    • Went to look at aMarquejaune

      In fact this has allowed me to discover a new Kindle semi-scam : it looks like a lot of people are putting “coloring books” ebooks in KDP/KU, with a link to a free PDF at the end of the ebook, so you can “print” the designs. Apparently all pictures are Shuttlestock/free pictures, not originals by those who uploaded the ebook…

  5. This made me laugh rather a lot.

  6. I find it very hard to color within the lines. My hand is unsteady when I laugh.

  7. Why didn’t he make one about octagons? That’s shapism, Konrath, and it’s not ok. 😛

    • It’s an ongoing series! Why do you readers have to nag so! True Art takes time and effort!!

    • Well see, Konrath only intended to write a trilogy. But once he starts making $$$ you just wait — the publisher will insist on milking this baby into the ground. That’s when you’ll see the other shapes.

      • If folks keep buying it to leave funny reivews, publishers will start thinking there’s money in it and release their own simple shape versions for kindle. The hardcovers at B&N will come bundled with a lipstick…

    • +1 I also learned about vegan speciesism today.

    • What about straight lines? I hate it when authors go all dimensionalism on you.

  8. See, this clever idea is one reason why Konrath is a success.

    1. He sees a trend.
    2. Twists it around to the obvious ridiculous conclusion.
    3. Acts on it.


    As to whether or not anyone would actually buy these: Konrath probably didn’t expect any sales, it was just his commentary. However, the paper version would make a great gag gift, esp. for a writer. So I expect he will sell some copies.

  9. Douglas Preston weeps in his Maine getaway.

    • Is Douglas using the print edition of Joe’s Triangle coloring book to wipe away his tears?

    • Felix J. Torres

      The great hope for tradpub derailed by those meddling kids in the van.

    • I heard that Preston had his own ACB work-in-progress — Great Writing Shacks of the Western World. He’s planning to spend several years researching the differences between shacks, hovels, shanties, sheds, cabins, and huts — also the differences between Western writing shacks and those found in other cultures. For example, in many parts of the world shacks are primarily located in regions of extreme poverty, while a Great Writing Shack of the Western World is typically found in a neighborhood where the homes go for $1.5 million and up.

  10. And they already have one-star reviews from somebody who doesn’t get the joke. https://www.amazon.com/gp/review/R2SW0J0FO603IE?ref_=glimp_1rv_cl Sigh.

    • It could be understated humor (does this adjective exist or mean anything? Thanks. We would say “2nd degree humor” in France).

      • Yes! Understated humor is something we might say in english. Similar to subtle humor. Or low key humor.

      • Incidentally, I love collecting idioms from different languages. What is the exact French for ‘second degree humour’?

        (Thanks in advance!)

      • Incidentally, I love collecting idioms from different languages. What is the exact French for ‘second degree humour’?

        (Thanks in advance!)

        • “Humour au second degré”, or “humour du second degré”, or “C’est du second degré”.
          Badly done, it’s nothing more than evil sarcasm.
          Well done, it’s more or less like English humor : subtle, hidden meaning, double entendre .
          And “Humour au troisième degré” would be surrealist, absurd humour. But I guess there are as many definitions as people trying to make jokes.

  11. You all have small minds.

    Wait until you see my revolutionary “scratch and sniff” ebooks.

    (and companion audio versions of course)

    You’ll be so impressed you’ll pee your pants

  12. He thinks outside of the box and he colors outside of the lines. He’s consistent. 😀

  13. I think what’s really funny is that it’s SELLING! hahahah

    I added a review. Such fun I have not had with reviewing since the Hutzler banana slicer.

  14. The triangles are way too pointy for me 🙂

  15. No pentagons. Too violent.

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