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30 June 2016

The recent announcement of a new service – Google My Activity – has enlightened many internet users about the information they leave behind as they bounce around the online world.

If you click through to https://myactivity.google.com/ Google will show you what it remembers about you. For most people, this information will continue for page after page after page.


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5 Comments to “Google My Activity”

  1. Sadly it won’t make most people more careful of what they ‘give’ the internet – and even with that silly ‘the right to be forgotten’ business, the internet never forgets …

  2. So it’s just a list of YouTube videos we’ve watched? I don’t remember seeing most of them. It’s nice of Google to remember for me.

  3. Mine is fairly sparse, because of my browsing methodology.

    I use firefox (with adblock and noscript) for all web browsing…

    …except, when using google apps (mail, etc) I use chrome. I don’t otherwise browse with chrome.

    I do not log into google-world with firefox. only with chrome.

  4. Lyle Blake Smythers

    Mine also showed absolutely nothing except what I had viewed on Youtube. Not sure what’s going on here.

  5. Lyle Blake Smythers

    I suppose it’s possible that the results are sorted by application or category, so that if I had been willing to continue scrolling through page after page of my previous Youtube viewings I might have come to something else. I stopped after I got back as far as last September.

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