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Amazing Post

26 July 2016

PG has neglected the comment spam bucket at TPV for too long.

Here’s a wonderful example of the genre from just a couple of days ago:

Amazing post. I was glad to find this since I was also given birth to in the big apple. in addition, we appreciate your seeing Paris and encouraging me to better fully understand grilling and cooking food. This helped me with my admission to University of arizona.


7 Comments to “Amazing Post”

  1. Oh that one is truly wonderful! Perhaps it was generated using that software you posted about yesterday 🙂

  2. PG is braver than I am. I went to the spam bucket once, got an idea as to the kind of filth and venom available on the web, and have never gone back.

    If you posted me a comment and it never got answered, try again: I answer ALL comments and love correspondence. But if you did something – too short is one of the things that Akismet doesn’t always like – just try again and sound like a human for a few consecutive seconds.

  3. Passive Voice: gateway to higher learning!
    (with cooking and travel tips)

  4. Busted.

  5. The Lorem Ipsum of spam.

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