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Barnes & Noble is pivoting to… restaurants?!

9 July 2016

Barnes & Noble may not be trending as the most progressive or popular company out there, but as the last remaining national bookstore chain in America, one thing they are is tenacious. The company has recently taken that tenacity and started another business venture: prototype stores that merge bookstores and restaurant.

Barnes & Noble predicted in 2013 that they would be closing a sobering amount of stores, but they’ve actually closed fewer stores than planned and are now going to add restaurants to keep their doors open. This isn’t like the typical Starbucks’s we’re accustomed to seeing in their bookstores either, there will actually be no signs of scones or coffee, but a full service restaurant complete with wine. Yes, wine.

These hybrid book stores (with wine) will be available to consumers October ’16 with the first store located in Eastchester, NY. The rest of the stores will be rolled out at the end of the ’17 fiscal year, located in area’s including the Edina Galleria in Edina, MN, the Palladio in Folsom, CA, and at One Loudon in Loudon, VA. These areas were chosen because they contain a more upscale market with customers that might enjoy a book, a meal, and glass of wine at the same time.

In addition to outsmarting the competition, Barnes & Noble has to also capture the eye of a generation that are too busy with work, life, kids, or reading AG articles, to sit down and read a book.

Read the rest at The American Genius and thanks Dave for the tip.

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17 Comments to “Barnes & Noble is pivoting to… restaurants?!”

  1. Is Barnes & Noble asking? Because honestly at this point it wouldn’t surprise me if they were. I get the feeling nobody over there has any idea what they’re going to do in the next year, much less five.

    Besides try to get rid of Nook, I mean.

  2. The Galleria in Edina is already full of great restaurants, including many local favorites. As is the major regional mall right across the street. The area is already saturated with dining choices. Why would anyone choose to eat at B&N instead??

    As usual, the B&N brass have failed to take into account one key factor when making an important business decision: the competition. This is just one more sad note in the slow B&N funeral dirge.

    • Why would anyone choose to eat at B&N instead??

      Douglas Preston terrified of a world without B&N?

      • Felix J. Torres

        Maybe B&N figures the AU and AG loyalists will flock to support them. That could keep them in business for… oh, about two weeks?

  3. They do seem to have lost the plot — if they ever had one.

    Not a problem, as others failed when they showed up they will collapse as well.

  4. Living within a ten minute drive of it, I can say that the One Loudoun Barnes and Noble is an odd choice, save that it’s probably easier for them to add the restaurant features in that location as the store (last time I was in that shopping center) is currently just a pile of gravel being used to help fill in the foundations of other buildings. One Loudoun’s B&N isn’t due to open until summer of 2017, and they haven’t really started construction, yet.

    What makes it so curious is that this area is devoid of bookstores (though the old Borders, which was the last bookstore of any size in the area, seemed to do brisk businesses when they were still around), yet has tons of restaurants. There are, in fact, over a dozen restaurants in the three block area that is the completed portion of One Loudoun, featuring several different cuisines. Oh, and an Alamo Drafthouse movie theater, which has a built-in pub/restaurant that provides meals as you watch your movie, and serves what might be the best fish-and-chips in the area… (the rest of their pub grub is hit and miss, but for the most part is pretty good and reasonably priced, considering it’s a movie theater).

    Even the alcohol won’t be a real draw, as there is a “World of Beer” in the same shopping center. (And I did mention that the Alamo has a pub, right? Serves all kinds of specialty brews, in addition to the food)

    What was that someone said, up-thread, about Barnes and Noble not considering its competition?

    • 80% of all new businesses fail in the first 5 years. Unless it’s a restaurant. 96% of all new restaurants fail in the first 5 years. Out of the frying pan . . .

      • Yes, well, then it’s a good thing that B&N is able to leverage it’s sterling success as a book/toy store to prop up its new restaurant business.

        • Thank you, that finished off my buzz-word bingo sheet for the week. 😉


          And their ‘happy meals’ will come with free heavily cultured books …

  5. Felix J. Torres

    Hmm, okay. So the consensus isn’t too positive on the whole bookstore restaurant idea.
    Which begs the question; what silver bullet do they try next? Toys and lifestyle merchandise hasn’t made much of a dent, Booze & Nuts doesn’t look too promising…

    Maybe they’ll try to branch into dating services?
    Tell them what books and authors you like and they’ll match you with somebody with similar tastes?

    Of course, if it works it’ll mean lower book sales…

  6. The object is to get rid of the company. They are just trying to spike revenues any way they can. Diapers, tires, tax returns, guns…

    • This won’t help their revenue, but it ‘might’ keep their stocks from sinking quite so fast (if anyone could believe them …)

  7. Was just in B&N today for the first time in ages…

    Number of books I was looking for? 4

    Number found? 1

    Considering they were 2 book by Robert E Howard (reprints, obviously) 1 by Bernard Cornwell and Harry Potter #1, I wasn’t exactly looking for the lost Grail.

    They had Harry Potter (of course).

    Plenty of action figures, movies and toys though.

    Number of books I bought?


    $8 on Amazon or 12.99 at B&N was not even a choice.

    I look forward to $7 cheeseburgers that you can by at Sonic for $4.50

    • Ah, but the B&N burgers will have the “old cheeseburger smell”.

      • Ewwwww. You’re probably right tho!

      • @ Tony

        Ah, but the B&N burgers will have the “old cheeseburger smell”.

        LOL. Yeah, nothing that that old greasy spoon smell wafting through the entire store to draw in customers who want to buy books, not get nauseated by bad food odors!

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