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Amazon Plans To Escalate War On Fakes In 2017

29 November 2016

From Consumerist:

Rampant counterfeiting among Amazon Marketplace sellers is holding the retailer back. There are companies that simply won’t agree to sell their merchandise on the site, given the the company’s known issues with counterfeits, and the concern that genuine and knock-off merchandise could be co-mingled in Amazon warehouses. The online retail giant is now preparing a very public war on counterfeit merchandise.

Bloomberg Technology reports that Amazon plans to escalate its efforts in 2017, but kicked things off this year with new policies requiring some sellers to pay up to a $1,500 fee for each major brand that they sell. The company’s logic is that small-time counterfeiters who plan to quit the site after receiving a few complaints won’t want to register and pay a fee, but legitimate sellers that plan to stick around will be happy to.

One recent stand against counterfeits on the site came not from Amazon, but from Apple. The tech company was concerned about consumer safety as well as its trademarks: counterfeit products, the company noted, are “not subjected to industry-standard consumer safety testing and are poorly constructed.” Apple sued the makers of almost 100 products masquerading as its own on Amazon.

Link to the rest at Consumerist and thanks to Dave for the tip.


8 Comments to “Amazon Plans To Escalate War On Fakes In 2017”

  1. The crying should be interesting once it starts affecting those that thought they were doing nothing wrong.

    • You know, you keep saying this. I’m curious. What alternative solution do you propose? Should AMZ just do nothing and let scammers, frauds and rip-off artists destroy their good name and fleece their customers?

      I’m a small business owner. If I discovered an employee or some third party abusing my customers, you can bet your sweet bippy I’m going to address the problem. That’s what a smart business does, or they don’t stay in business long. Is it a hassle? Does it take resources that could be better spent elsewhere? Yes. But it’s part of doing business, unless you’re one of those people who figures they’ll just close and start up again under a new name. That works for a while, but it eventually catches up with you.

      Computer algorithms can’t deal with the flexibility of human cunning. Only another human can do that. Yes, it takes time and money. That can be minimized by setting the algo to look for red flags, THEN having a human review the item in question. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition.

      It all boils down to whether or not the business hopes to maintain customer loyalty. Amazon says it does. Therefore, it will be forced to deal with these issues. And I sincerely hope it does, both as a customer and a supplier.

      • You’re mistaken, or are misreading my past. I’m all for this, as I’ve been for the KU/KU2 correction, though I don’t have a horse in that race just yet.

        But anytime Amazon makes a change, there will be those that see their sales drop and will blame it on Amazon. Some will be those scammers, some will be those claiming to be honest business people who got caught in the middle.

        No good deed goes unpunished, nor will any ‘fix’ Amazon makes — though I look forward to them! 😉


        As far as throwing more humans at the problem? Humans make mistakes and can be bought off, and will add to the cost of doing business. Would you mind if that extra cost comes out of ‘your’ profits?

        • Yes, you’re right, I did read your comment as disparaging efforts to combat the fraud. Sorry for misinterpreting.

          And naturally humans make mistakes. Usually if they make too many, they aren’t employed long. But bought off? Of course it’s possible, but I can’t visualize a reasonable mechanism where individual scammers could influence Amazon employees. If organized crime was involved, maybe. Which, if there’s a lot of money to be made, is certainly a possibility.

          (Hmmm… That gives me an idea for my WIP…)

          • I gave you ideas? Say it ain’t so! 😛

            Have fun.

          • Now you’re cookin’ with gas, as we say, KLC

            “If organized crime…”

            You can count on it.

            In the dark innards of the cartels/ gangs/crime ‘families’ /terrorists self styled across the world, they have been for years, laughing at the naivete of people who want a book, a crock pot, a pair of uggs, an electronic device branded as apple or other, for free or for a membership price, or for a fall off the truck deep discount. When there is this kind of counterfeit, theft, misrepresentation, most decent people would be appalled to know what the money is being used for. Crime for money usually does not have one theft/abuse/exploitation arm. It has many, including doing harm to human beings.

  2. Allen, you wrote this that gave me a chuckle this morning. Aint it true for us all…

    “You’re mistaken, or are misreading my past.”

    • “You know, you keep saying this.”

      Suggested my past posts had lead them astray, not just the current one. Understandable I guess as much as I make fun of things.

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