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Authors, Check Your Nook Sales

5 December 2016

From The Digital Reader:

If you are an indie author with ebooks in Nook Press then you might want to check your dashboard.

Numerous authors are reporting over on KBoards that sale records are appearing and then disappearing from the Nook Press dashboard. For example:

On the “Sales” dashboard page in the upper left it’s got a box for “Units Sold” and “Royalty” for This Month and Last Month. Below that is a “Recent Sales” summary that shows “Today” and “Yesterday”. When I looked at it yesterday, it showed 2 sales with the corresponding royalty under Yesterday – which would have been 12/1 (one each of the two books that follow on after my permafree). I wondered why the top of the page sales box still showed zero under “this month”, but figured it was a lag in reporting.

Today I checked it…and there are no sales reported…at all. Now I wish I’d captured a screen shot to show the sales that were listed yesterday. I’ve downloaded the sales spreadsheet to see if someone bought and returned both books…or something weird. But the spreadsheet is blank. There’s no trace anywhere of the two sales…

Another author concurred, writing “I had a bunch of sales on B&N on 1 December. On 2 December, they all disappeared.”

Link to the rest at The Digital Reader

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11 Comments to “Authors, Check Your Nook Sales”

  1. Unfortunately, I had some lovely sales for December 1 – December 4. Everything has disappeared except for December 4 sales and they’ll disappear tomorrow, if things keep happening like this.

    Perhaps the glitch will be magically fixed in a few days. However, you can get OLD waiting for an answer from B&N Support (which classifies as an oxymoron). I’ve never received a response from any email I’ve sent them. Never.

  2. Based on the title, I thought this article was going to be about how B&N Nook became a viable self-publishing platform overnight… overtaking sales of Amazon. Gosh, I guess I should hold off signing up my books for Nook Unlimited and Nook Select.

  3. My sales vanished as well. I emailed them but given their reputation for never responding, I’m not holding my breath.

    Debating whether to pull all of my stuff from BN.

    Can’t they do ANYTHING right?

  4. Glad I use D2D.

  5. David Anthony Brown

    I noticed a glitch in sales reporting on the Nook dashboard. A handful of sales, but no royalty figure owed. Figured it was a lag in reporting. I only check these things near the end of the month, and I pay attention to bank statements. Now I’m curious about my sales at B&N.

  6. I got this notice when I logged in to Nook Press:

    December Sales Reports Fixed
    This weekend we had a glitch in one of the reports that displays cumulative sales data in the NOOK Press sales dashboard. We have corrected the issue and reports should now reflect accurate cumulative sales. No sales or royalties were lost. This glitch only affected the reporting of the sales data. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

  7. I pulled my books off B&N last summer after one too many of these “glitches”. Then they decided that my print books distributed through Ingrams were worthy of listing . *sigh*

  8. Could it be purchases and then returns? This has happened to me on Amazon too in the past – someone buys an e-book, reads it, and then returns it. It shows up on sales but not on royalties because the customer has the option of returning it. Once it happened to each one of my numerous titles in turn – someone obviously taking the cheap way out to read my stories.

  9. What? No cries of pulling work from Nook, or that’s of law suits? On kboards all people wanted to talk about was abandoning Amazon because they were EVIL.

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