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18 December 2016

From The Oxford English Dictionary:

pluviculture, n.

. . . .

The art or science of rainmaking; the production and implementation of schemes for inducing rain.

. . . .

1925 D. S. Jordan in Science 24 July 81/2 The modern diversions of pluviculture, chiropractics and hormonism are everywhere treated with respect. Of these none can be more scientific than is pluviculture.

Link to the rest at The Oxford English Dictionary

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2 Comments to “Pluviculture”

  1. I love this word! Better yet, I have a character who has an excuse to use it, the annoying chap. 😀

  2. This music video is the basis for a great story. I use the concept of rainmaking in many stories. Both the con man from The Rainmaker and the reality of Cloudbusting. Fun stuff.

    Kate Bush Cloudbusting

    The Rainmaker – Trailer

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