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Book store natural fit among other shops on ‘Nerd Row’

28 February 2017

From Tulsa World:

Tulsa is a city of “districts.” Among them: Blue Dome District. Brady Arts District. Pearl District.

Are you ready for a “row?”

Bound for Glory Books is a book store located at 4264 E. 11th St. Kris Rose proudly says the store she co-owns is part of “Nerd Row,” a collection of unique shops located west of the 11th Street and Yale Avenue intersection.
Among the book store’s neighbors are a gaming store (Dice Addiction), a toy store (All Star Toys), a comic store (Mammoth Comics) and a store (Good Mischief) that offers weird resale items.

Jerod Nunnally, owner of All Star Toys, came up with the “Nerd Row” label, according to Rose. It was meant as a term of endearment.

. . . .

“He welcomed me to Nerd Row, and we started laughing about how apt the name was for our little strip of shops. If you like one of the stores on our strip, chances are you’ll also like another store as well, if not all of them. We definitely cater to different breeds of nerds: Sci-fi nerds. VHS horror movie nerds. Vinyl nerds. Indie movie nerds. 1960s underground comics nerds. Feminist nerds. UFO nerds. Art nerds. You name it.”

Link to the rest at Tulsa World


3 Comments to “Book store natural fit among other shops on ‘Nerd Row’”

  1. Sounds like heaven. I know where to move when I retire.

  2. My son’s at the University of Tulsa – I know where I’m going to hang out on my next visit!

  3. I grew up in Tulsa.

    It’s always had its strands of endearing strangeness.

    When I was in high school, there was this late night, local TV show–Mazeppa Pompazoidi–which is well worth a peek and contributed greatly to my sanity: http://tulsatvmemories.com/mazeppa.html


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