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Ebooks Present the Greatest Opportunity

30 March 2017

8 Comments to “Ebooks Present the Greatest Opportunity”

  1. And it’s the greatest threat to those clinging to the control paper publishing gave them.

  2. It’s a huge opportunity, and yet I have still failed to succeed. Mostly due to lack of knowledge at first, and lack of capital to invest in what is a very speculative business.

    If I had the money, would I have put $100 into the cover of that very first book?

    It’s hard to say, some years later. Yet it might have made a big difference.

    • I put the money in. Made no difference. Could have been any number of reasons, not least of which is my writing.

    • That’s the disappointing thing about opportunity. It’s not a guarantee of success.

      Still, it’s better than guaranteed failure.

      • Lots of people don’t get the part where there are no guarantees. And all the hard work and heartbreak that can go into being a writer, which hasn’t changed at all, and the work is actually greater now that we have to be publishers, too.

        My advice to those who aren’t seeing the results they want is to take an honest look at their work. Look at genre (some are more open, though the competition is greater), presentation (covers, titles, blurbs) and the writing. It’s not easy to do — and goodness knows, I’m looking at this myself and struggling with writing what I want vs writing what sells — but it’s part of any business to give the customers what they want.

  3. “E-books present the greatest opportunity readers have ever had to find each other…”

    Why would a reader particularly want to find another reader? Wouldn’t finding a book be more to the point?

    • I had the same thought.

    • Recommendations come from other readers, and word of mouth is powerful.

      My librarian friends who work the information desk spend large portions of their shifts helping patrons find books based on their reading preferences. Goodreads is about developing communities of readers with similar tastes.

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