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Exploring Amazon with Data Guy

27 March 2017

The DataGuy portion of the podcast begins at about the 9:00 point.

Thanks to Karen and others for the tip.

Author Earnings/Vanity Presses, Video

6 Comments to “Exploring Amazon with Data Guy”

  1. I enjoyed this. I read scifi and I always wonder if I’ve read DG without knowing it or (worse!) I’ve missed reading him!

  2. Exceptional listen.

  3. Spoilers for an upcoming report […] There was one rather dramatic change happening within the realm of traditionally published ebooks, and that is for the first time since we started tracking this, small and medium publishers have overtaken the big 5 in bulk dollar and units, and that’s kind of an eye-opener. This has not been a good 3 months for big 5 ebooks.

    We can now say with definitive certainty that not only are our pie charts correct that show the relative measures, but when we say Amazon sells 1,064,000 ebooks a day, that’s within 2% or 3% accuracy.

    When we scraped Barnes and Noble, we kept breaking their site, because it’s kind of flimsy

    There’s plenty more where that came from. He gives a personal anecdote about Facebook advertising, which is saying something considering the source.

    • “When we scraped Barnes and Noble, we kept breaking their site, because it’s kind of flimsy”

      Oh, so that’s what happened when all my B&N listing pages went AWOL. It was all Data Guy’s fault. 😉

  4. Fascinating and heartening interview.

  5. I signed up for the free course on Facebook ads that was mentioned by DG in this video.

    I then joined their FB group. If you are interested in doing ads on Amazon or Facebook, they seem to be sorting it all out and getting results.

    Vibrant group with lots of detailed support.

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