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George R.R. Martin Opening New Film Studio

20 March 2017

From The Albuquerque Journal:

Famed author George R.R. Martin is starting a new film project in Santa Fe, a 30,000 square-foot non-profit office and production facility that will be open to both major Hollywood productions and beginning film entrepreneurs.

Mayor Javier Gonzales tweeted enthusiastically about Martin’s Stagecoach Foundation project Tuesday afternoon as a big boost to Santa Fe’s film economy.

He said in an interview later that a Santa Fean donated the building to Martin, author of the best-selling fantasy novels on which the hit “Game of Thrones” TV series is based, with the idea that it would be used for “something good” for Santa Fe.

“What this means for the city specifically is more film infrastructure” that increases the likelihood that major film productions will come to town along with start-up movie-makers, film editors and digital media creators who need affordable production space, Gonzales said. The Stagecoach Foundation facility could be used for a film crew’s headquarters as well as editing and other functions, he said.

Link to the rest at The Albuquerque Journal


11 Comments to “George R.R. Martin Opening New Film Studio”

  1. Dear George,

    Please finish THAT book.

    Best regards,

    a fan

    PS I hope that zombie writing backup plan works because it’s a little hard to test!

    • IMHO, he’s waiting for the TV writers to tell him how it finishes, because he doesn’t know.

      • This. I think what Benioff and Weiss have come up with recently is probably so much better than whatever Martin had planned for these books. I lost interest in Book 5 and started skipping large portions of it, but the TV version has become fantastically exciting. (Daenerys with dragons landing in Westeros! I can’t wait!)

        • Unfortunately I promised to myself a few years ago that I would not buy or watch anything GoT/ASOIF-related until George finished the (book) series, so I can’t watch those “fantastically exciting” episodes !
          It’s getting harder and harder every year. But a promise is a promise.

  2. The Albuquerque Journal’s article is not entirely accurate – George R.R. Martin wrote about the new venture on his LiveJournal here:


    It’s not a film studio and Martin isn’t directly running it.

  3. Well, let’s add another few years to Book 6’s release date.

  4. George Martin wrote:

    “If there are any real journalists out there who would like to do an accurate story about the Stagecoach Foundation and our plans for it, Marisa is the person to contact, at Marisa@stagecoachfdn.org. She’ll be glad to send you our press release and answer your questions. In the meantime, hey, can people please stop making s*** up?”

    Ouch – Well the good news is that he’s not running it and screwing up his release schedule.

    Honestly, I’m not sure if I’d like Martin’s books now that the TV series has taken such a different track.

  5. For the love of God, GRRM, finish GoTs. BUT, if you just GOTTA make movies, get started on Wildcards, stat.

  6. In Santa Fe, GRRM is iconic for Meow Wolf, a humongous installation space filled with the incredible gigantic art by many heroic artists –the whole thing completely rad and tight. GRRM helps in pretty massive ways to give artists venue and hires out others to run it. Meow Wolf may be coming to a large city near you soon. GRRM is very much like Steve King, giving massive means/resources to kids/artists/musicians etc in the area they’ve decided to live.

    Admiration all around.

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