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Real writers

1 March 2017

Real writers – serious writers with serious subjects, who earn their living at it – all seem to write in small rooms with that knotty-pine 1974 look on the top-floor rear of their houses. Rooms with views.

Peter York


7 Comments to “Real writers”

  1. So that’s my problem: no knotty-pine except in my head!

    • Well shoot! I selected knot-free boards (red oak) to make bookcases with. No wonder I haven’t made my first million yet.

  2. So writing at the back table of Dunkin’ Donuts means I’m not a serious writer?

  3. top-floor rear? So, one-level houses are right out? Well, shoot.

    Oh, wait, we write scifi and westerns! Those aren’t serious subjects, so we’re safe to make a living! Even if we’re not “real” writers.

  4. Did that “writing shack in Maine” have knotty pine on the interior? I can’t rememeber. 😉

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