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The New Crave in Publishing

20 March 2017

From The West Georgian:

Every writer’s dream of signing a publishing contract is becoming harder to make reality. Unless you are already a best selling author or celebrity, publishing companies have become harder to please. Self-Publishing has become the saving grace for writers who do not have the means to be represented by professional companies.

“Self-publishing has become very easy and affordable,” said Lisa Adams, Book Publishing professor for Continuing Education. “The amount of editors that are looking for books in the traditional world has shrunk. It was always really hard to get a book published and now it is exponentially hard.”

Companies like Amazon, Lulu, Infinity Publishing and more, make self-publishing possible. All the author has to do is write a story, decide whether they want it to be Print On Demand (POD), an E-book or both. Once they decided they upload their manuscript, choose their cover, font, price and voilà. Their story is available for sale online.

. . . .

A self-published author has the joy of dodging the long wait time and process that is inevitable when publishing traditionally. The process of getting a book published traditionally can be stressful with all of the people the book goes through and the process of making the book meet the standards of the company. Self-publishing gives the author control over their creation. “Compared to the traditional process, as an author you have control over your project,” said Adams. “You decided the title, cover etcetera. In traditional publishing, the publisher decides everything and has the right to change anything they want to.”

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5 Comments to “The New Crave in Publishing”

  1. So this is like… a college newspaper sort of thing…? [squint] Wow.

    Someone had a heavy deadline. Or just really wanted to be able to get started on their PoliSci homework? Minimal research, shallow, clueless. Sounds like it was written by an outsider who didn’t actually give a damn, which is probably what happened. [sigh]


  2. How can publishing a book be exponentially hard?

  3. Publishing is easy. Selling what you published is hard. Always has been, always will be.

  4. Amazon: free. Lulu: free, with paid-for services that can be added. Infinity Publishing: nothing free except their publishing guide.

    Don’t mention Infinity Publishing in the same breath as Amazon and Lulu.

  5. “Every writer’s dream of signing a publishing contract is becoming harder to make reality. ”

    That’s a HUGE assumption. I don’t dream of getting a publishing contract. I would consider that my nightmare.

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